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Len's Coffee®

"Blonde" Organic Muscovado Sugar


Product Description

We searched long and hard for the perfect natural sweetener for our coffees, and settled on this extraordinary Muscovado sugar purchased direct from the co-op in Antique, Philippines. Its unique processing uses a tiny amount of coconut milk (0.2%) to coalesce the sugar, reducing the evaporation, making this sugar less dark than most Muscovados, enabling it to be used 1:1 in recipes calling for brown sugar.

High in calcium and natural minerals, there are over 740 mg of minerals per 100 grams of sugar. The taste is clear and clean and so delicious our customers tell us they sometimes just eat it like candy!

  • Raw, organic, Muscovado sugar (from sugar cane)
  • Purchased direct from the farm co-op in Antique, Philippines
  • Finer grain: melts easily in beverages and mixes smoothly into recipes
  • Light, dry texture: Does not harden the way brown sugar and dark Muscovado does
  • Pure flavor: Delicious but not overpowering, making it perfect for coffee
  • Ideal for cooking, too: Can be substituted 1:1 for brown sugar

How This Special Sugar Is Made:

This Muscovado is made the old fashioned way with Kalamansi (a tiny native lime) and fresh coconut milk. First the sugar cane is cut/harvested by hand. It is washed and then chopped, soaked and pressed to extract the juice from the sugar cane. This juice is heated with a little lime juice added. They also cut coconuts off the trees, grate the coconut meat and press out fresh coconut milk, which is sprinkled into the heating cane juice. This keeps the juice from foaming as it heats. The resulting Muscovado is actually about 0.2% coconut milk. The process is similar to making fudge. Once this cane juice becomes thick and crystallizes, it is poured into coconut shells or cups where it finishes solidifying by sun drying. The dried cane juice is then pounded to yield a natural, moist, unrefined sugar. This gives it its fine, irregular texture.

The sugar is hand-boiled at a small sugar mill that employs underprivileged women. The sugar is richer in minerals than regular sugar, making it a healthy choice, as well as an ethical one.

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