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Len's Coffee®: One website, under one name, offering all our products

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We've been selling coffee on three different websites under three different names: Trung Nguyen Online, Vietnamese Coffee Online, and Heirloom Coffee LLC. But now at last, we have officially adopted the name Len's Coffee and consolidated all three websites into one!

Fear not! We are the same folks selling the same coffee. The website's URL has changed, but it is the same website. If you have an account with us, it is still here for you. Coffee's always got your back.


Welcome to our October Sale! We have several new products we hope will delight you. Also, please note we have other specials on our Hurricane Relief Specials page, where every purchase generates a donation.

These items are NOT available in wholesale quantities. We reserve the right to limit quantities on all items.

  • Saigon Market Blend Arabica Robusta Coffee##Free - 3 oz, whole bean or ground##

    Saigon Market Blend FREE Sample 3 ounce

    $2.00 $0.00

    Try it FREE! Inspired by Trung Nguyen's Creative 2 Arabica Robusta, Saigon Market Blend is created using our best Arabica and Dalat peaberry Robusta beans, with the quintessential butter roast and chocolate flavor profile of... Learn more

  • Trung Nguyen Logo-Embossed Iced Coffee Glass##free with any order over $20; add to your cart##

    Trung Nguyen Logo Glass

    $3.00 $0.00

    These cute Trung Nguyen glasses are used in their cafes for iced coffee made with the small Phin brewer. They are 8 ounce capacity; fill within 1.2" of the top with cracked ice and then brew into the glass directly with a... Learn more

  • Saigon Market Blend Arabica Robusta Coffee##for 8 oz, whole bean or ground##

    Saigon Market Blend

    $7.25 $5.00

    Inspired by Trung Nguyen's Creative 2 Arabica Robusta, Saigon Market Blend is created using our best Arabica and Dalat peaberry Robusta beans, with the quintessential butter roast and chocolate flavor profile of Trung... Learn more

  • Saigon Café Blend ##8 ounce ground or whole bean##

    Saigon Café Blend

    $9.95 $8.95

    Finally! A true traditional Vietnamese-style blend with signature Peaberry Robusta and premium award-winning Arabica and Catimor beans. That chocolatey flavor you love is here in a coffee we created ourselves. All natural,... Learn more

  • Trung Nguyen Creative Four Vietnamese Coffee ##for 340g Ground - whole bean also available##

    Trung Nguyen Creative 4 (Premium Culi) Coffee

    $10.95 $9.95

    Blend of culi (single, unsplit) beans of Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. Strong, very full-bodied and intense, with layers of complexity. 340g (12 oz) ground coffee suitable for Press, drip machine or Phin filter... Learn more

  • Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend, new package##for 1.5 kilos, about 3.3 lbs##

    Three-Pack of Gourmet Blend from Trung Nguyen

    $29.25 $26.95

    Still their top-seller worldwide, Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend of all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil bags within decorative boxes (500 gram total, 1.2 pounds). This is the traditional House Blend coffee... Learn more

  • Vietnamese coffee kit with S Blend and Logo Glass##save $4 on this special, limited-time kit##

    Vietnamese Coffee Kit with S Blend and Logo Glass

    $19.95 $15.95

    Yes, we ARE crazy. All this in one kit for only $15.95! Our most popular Trung Nguyen coffee, the S Blend, gives you 500 grams (1.17 lb) of delicious Cafe Sua Da as enjoyed by brewing in a stainless steel Phin brewer with... Learn more

  • Peru Arabica Glass Pack Coffee ##for 12oz, fresh-packed in sturdy glass jar##

    Glass-Packed Quellouno Peruvian Arabica, Harlequin Roast

    $18.00 $15.00

    New packaging technique for ultimate freshness, better than vacuum pack! You can't get microlots like these from any big chain. The province of Quellouno has only one road that shows on the map, consists entirely of... Learn more

  • Triple Threat Peru Quellouno Glass Pack

    Coffee Flight: Peru Q Microlot in Light, Medium, Dark Roast

    $21.95 $18.95

    Are you a Dark Roast person? A Light Roast Person? Are you sure? Most people choose roast based on the STRENGTH or DEPTH of the coffee taste profile they prefer. But we challenge your perceptions! This selection of 3 roasts... Learn more

  • Saigon Espresso 2 ##our favorite Vietnamese espresso taste profile is back!##

    Saigon Espresso #2

    $9.75 $8.00

    When we became the authorized distributors of Trung Nguyen coffees in 2005, one of our favorite blends was the Espresso #2 whole bean blend. It was drier than the Creative coffees and  ground well and extracted... Learn more

  • Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Villalobos Coffee ##for 8oz##

    Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Estate Villalobos Microlot Coffee

    $9.75 $7.50

    Witness the rebirth of an heirloom Arabica cultivar! Our Costa Rican grower, Matias, has successfully brought the Villalobos variety of Arabica "back from the dead" with careful, dedicated, patient cultivation from new... Learn more

  • Kenya Lenana AA Arabica##for 8 ounces##

    Kenya Lenana AA Arabica

    $8.95 $7.95

    We have sampled a lot of Kenyan coffees and most of the time, we find them too acidic for our tastes. It's hard to find an origin we can trust and a taste profile that really impresses us. But we love this new Lenana. Lenana... Learn more

  • Pumpkin Pie Coffee, all natural pumpkin and spices ##for 8oz##

    Pumpkin Pie Coffee

    $8.95 $7.50

    It's here! People have been begging us to bring Pumpkin Pie Coffee back, and we're so happy we can offer it again now that it's finally Autumn! We freely admit to having a serious weakness for autumn baking. Pie, in... Learn more

  • G7 Gourmet Instant Coffeemix Coffee ##for 40 sachets##

    G7 3-in-1 Gourmet Instant Coffee, 20 Sachet Bag, Pack of 2 Bags (40 sachets total)

    $12.80 $10.50

    The original and still the top seller! G7 was the first instant coffee to be extracted directly from the unroasted coffee bean, not from freeze-dried brewed coffee like American brands. It's been the top instant coffee in... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Black Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen

    Vietnamese Black Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen

    $3.75 $2.95

    Rich, fragrant, smooth loose leaf black tea from Vietnam's top tea producing region, Thai Nguyen. You'll love this tea! Vietnam's tea region has been producing some of Asia's best quality teas for 300 years. Hot or iced,... Learn more

  • All natural, vegan, whole leaf Thai Tea ##for 60g##

    Thai Tea

    $4.75 $3.95

    Perfect summer delight! We all know Thai tea... that orange-hued, hauntingly delicious black tea that is usually enjoyed iced. But generally Thai Tea, as available from Asian groceries, is full of artificial coloring and is... Learn more

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"Tarrazu", like Champagne, is a restricted term that can only apply to the highly-prized coffees grown in one small mountainous region. With your help and ours, our Tarrazu coffee farmer is expanding his farm to the great benefit of the local people, the environment, and the coffee species. Learn more and browse our Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees here.

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