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Oh oh... the Cat is back and he says the Flash Sale for 4 days was "not enough sale". So here is more Sale!

Save up to 25% on B3G1 Specials, and much more. Do we hear a cowbell...?

These items are NOT available in wholesale quantities. We reserve the right to limit quantities on all items.

  • ##you choose your favorite sample from 5 options!##

    Add your choice of free item to any order!

    $2.00 $0.00

    Your choice of 5 great items to experience, free with any order. Details on each sample option are below. Buon Me Thuot (S) Coffee by Trung Nguyen: Both incredibly popular and an incredibly good value, this is a coffee... Learn more

  • Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend, new package##for 1.5 kilos, about 3.3 lbs##

    Two-Pack of Gourmet Blend from Trung Nguyen

    $19.50 $17.95

    Still their top-seller worldwide, Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend of all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil bags within decorative boxes (500 gram total, 1.17 pounds). This is the traditional House Blend coffee... Learn more

  • Legendee Gold coffee 2-Pack

    Trung Nguyen Legendee Gold 2-Pack - Sale!

    $45.90 $41.90

    The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA. Sometimes sold under the name "Sang Tao 8", or Creative 8, which is the exact same coffee. It is... Learn more

  • Peru Q Microlot Coffee ##for 8 ounces##

    Peru Q Microlot Harlequin Roast - B3G1 Special

    $9.95 $7.95

    A second Microlot coffee from the awe-inspiring mountains near Machu Picchu! This coffee gets rave reviews and is one of best new additions in 2017. You'll love this coffee... especially in the Harlequin two-temperature... Learn more

  • Saigon Tradition ##8 ounce ground or whole bean##

    Saigon Tradition, Culi (Peaberry) Robusta Blend - B3G1 Special

    $6.95 $5.45

    Our second in the new Saigon Blend series, in the "Tradition" of Creative 1 coffee, this Culi (peaberry) Robusta Blend is sure to please anybody with a "back" palate who loves deep, dark, delicious coffee with high body and... Learn more

  • Saigon Market Blend Arabica Robusta Coffee##for 8 oz, whole bean only##

    Saigon Market Blend - B3G1 Special

    $7.25 $5.75

    Inspired by Trung Nguyen's Creative 2 Arabica Robusta, Saigon Market Blend is created using our best Arabica and Dalat peaberry Robusta beans, with the quintessential butter roast and chocolate flavor profile of Trung... Learn more

  • Saigon Espresso 2 ##our favorite Vietnamese espresso taste profile is back!##

    Saigon Espresso #2 - B3G1 Special

    $9.25 $7.75

    When we became the authorized distributors of Trung Nguyen coffees in 2005, one of our favorite blends was the Espresso #2 whole bean blend. It was drier than the Creative coffees and  ground well and extracted... Learn more

  • ##for 500g##

    Truong Lam Home Blend - SALE

    $8.25 $6.75

    This is a quintessential Vietnamese house blend like a visitor might find at a sidewalk café in any Vietnamese town. It's a blend of multiple coffee species, like most of the best Vietnamese coffees, containing Buon... Learn more

  • Nicaragua El recreo##for 8oz - buy 3 to 6 bags for only $5 a bag##

    Nicaragua El Recreo Jinotega Arabica (Caturra) - SALE

    $7.95 $6.95

    With a classic Central American profile, this coffee is very fragrant, lightly fruity, and has distinct buttery-sugar scent like a sweet roll. Perfect after dinner or for serving to guests. Served with ice and creamer, this... Learn more

  • ##for 12 servings##

    G7 Gu Manh X2, double-strength G7 3-in-1, Box of 12

    $5.95 $5.25

    X2 is the same formula as regular G7 (we've taste-tested and can't tell the difference), but each packet contains 25 grams of instant coffee powder instead of the usual 16 grams. As a result, each packet makes 60% more... Learn more

  • Brewable Coffee Fruit (cascara) ##for 4 ounces##

    Brewable Coffee Fruit (Cascara) - B3G1 Special

    $7.50 $6.00

    Did you know the coffee "bean" is actually the seed of the coffee fruit cherry? Normally, the juicy red flesh of the coffee cherry is composted, since it's the seeds we're after. But the coffee fruit (also known as cascara,... Learn more

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Costa Rica's Dota Tarrazu Region

"Tarrazu", like Champagne, is a restricted term that can only apply to the highly-prized coffees grown in one small mountainous region. With your help and ours, our Tarrazu coffee farmer is expanding his farm to the great benefit of the local people, the environment, and the coffee species. Learn more and browse our Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees here.

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