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Len's Coffee®

Low-Acid Coffees

Looking to protect your stomach and your teeth? Or just prefer the smooth drinkability of a naturally low-acid coffee? You're in luck: low-acid coffees are our favorites and we have a fantastic selection. Enjoy!

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Estate Private Reserve Nectar

    Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Estate: "Nectar" Micro-Lot $12.95

    You've never tried coffee like this before! Our Costa Rican grower made a special harvest for us, which we are calling Nectar Coffee. During the brief peak of the growing season, the coffee trees' sap is flowing with extra...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## High-caffeine, low-acid Vietnamese highlands Robusta with a high percentage of peaberries

    Dalat Peaberry Robusta $7.25

    Vietnamese Robusta from the Dalat Highlands is the secret ingredient in Italian espresso. Its lush body, chocolatey taste, and excellent aftertaste are a product of the rich soil in Vietnam, and the fact that they are able...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Beans and Bag

    Half-Caff El Recreo Nicaraguan Coffee $9.95

    So rich and flavorful, your guests will never guess it's low in caffeine! This is a blend of El Recreo's regular coffee and their Swiss Water Process decaf. Swiss Water Process (SWP) is the most effective, all-natural...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Mocharagua, a deliciously chocolatey coffee

    Half-Caff Mocharagua $9.75

    Coffee with dark chocolate tones! Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you guys agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! So we were...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Philippines Robusta, organic, shade-grown

    Organic Shade-Grown Philippines Robusta $9.25

    Grown at high altitude under the shade of old-growth jungle, this Robusta will shatter all expectations with its depth and complexity. Growing Robusta this way is almost unheard-of, but the result is extraordinary. Low...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Rare Liberica beans

    Philippine Liberica (rare coffee) $16.95

    A unique and irreplacable part of our worldwide coffee heritage, Liberica is an entirely separate species of coffee. Its almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and...

  • Arabica from Sumatra's Lintong region, unroasted coffee

    Sumatra Lintong Arabica $9.75

    This single-origin, multi-variety Arabica has a fantastic aroma and smooth, low-acid taste with good presence on the middle and back palate, which is unusual for Arabica. When we first introduced this coffee, it developed...

  • ##1lb (larger sizes available)##ChocoZilla is a deliciously chocolatey coffee with no added flavorings

    The ChocoZilla from Brazilla $9.75

    Coffee with milk chocolate tones! Our second chocolatey coffee, once intended as a limited edition, now a permanent offering thanks to popular demand! ChocoZilla is primarily Brazilian St. Domingos Arabica, blended with...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Dalat Vietnamese Bourbon Arabica, green unroasted coffee

    Vietnamese Dalat Bourbon Arabica $9.75

    100% pure heirloom Bourbon Arabica beans.  Bourbon (pronounced burr-BONE) originates from the island of Bourbon (called Reunion today). It is generally considered one of the two largest divisions of the Arabica genetic...

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