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Len's Coffee®

Low-Caffeine Coffees

Both decaf and naturally low-caffeine. If you need to avoid caffeine for medical reasons, please choose Decaf only. However, if you just want to cut back, or you want to be able to drink more coffee without rocketing through the ceiling, then one of the low-caffeine coffees would be ideal for you. You don't have to mix decaf and regular anymore!

SWP Decaf Nicaragua has ~4 mg caffeine per 8oz serving.

Amorata and our Half-Caff blends have ~40 - 45 mg caffeine per 8oz serving.

All other coffees on this page have ~60-70 mg caffeine per 8oz serving. They are lower in caffeine either because they're grown at an extremely high altitude or because their species is naturally lower in caffeine content.

Why drink low-caffeine coffee? Recent studies have shown that people who drink three or more cups of coffee are less likely to have heart disease, respiratory disease, strokes, diabetes, or infections (view the NIH study here). But three cups of coffee is too much caffeine for many people. Fortunately, the study found that decaf was just as effective as regular coffee! So, a low-caffeine coffee lets you drink twice as much coffee and get twice as many antioxidants but still get the same amount of buss you're used to.

For reference, an 8oz cup of regular Arabica coffee has ~90 mg, and a cup of Robusta has >120 mg. An 8oz cup of black tea has ~45 mg, 8oz of green tea has ~30mg, 8oz Coke has 23 mg, and an ounce of dark chocolate has 22 mg.

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Amorata bag label

    "Amorata" Low-Caffeine Coffee $9.95

    Amorata is blended from Central American coffees: our absolute best Costa Rica Tarrazu Arabica, El Recreo Nicaragua regular Arabica, and El Recreo's Swiss Water Process decaf arabica. Caramel profile, smooth, buttery taste,...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Costa Rican Tarrazu Dota Estate Arabica

    Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Estate Arabica $9.75 $8.75

    Coffee from Tarrazu is recognized widely as the most highly prized coffee in Costa Rica, and the "top of the mountain" coffee, in the region of Dota, is really the only true optimal Tarrazu. The Dota Tarrazu region is...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Estate Private Reserve Nectar

    Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Estate: "Nectar" Micro-Lot $12.95

    You've never tried coffee like this before! Our Costa Rican grower made a special harvest for us, which we are calling Nectar Coffee. During the brief peak of the growing season, the coffee trees' sap is flowing with extra...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Excelsa coffee beans, 3lb bag

    Excelsa $9.25

    Excelsa is one of the four remaining genetically distinct commercial species of coffee and accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. It is used in Vietnam as a blending coffee, being added to other varieties of...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Beans and Bag

    Half-Caff El Recreo Nicaraguan Coffee $9.95

    So rich and flavorful, your guests will never guess it's low in caffeine! This is a blend of El Recreo's regular coffee and their Swiss Water Process decaf. Swiss Water Process (SWP) is the most effective, all-natural...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Mocharagua, a deliciously chocolatey coffee

    Half-Caff Mocharagua $9.75

    Coffee with dark chocolate tones! Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you guys agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! So we were...

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Beans and Bag

    SWP Decaffeinated El Recreo Nicaraguan Coffee $9.95

    Our newest coffee producer operates an environmentally and socially progressive estate in the highland rainforest of Nicaragua. With a classic Central American profile, this Arabica coffee is very fragrant, lightly fruity,...

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