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Roaster CoBuyer Club

The Roaster Co-Buyer Club

Purpose of the Club:

Major coffee chains have advantages over independent coffee shops and roasters. They have buying and negotiating power, generally fewer ethical considerations, and they have powerful built-in inertia that keeps people buying their products. They offer a consistent experience in all their locations.

The Club is intended to help with some of these issues, and also, to provide resources that are hard to find.  Meetings would be once a month and we would find interesting speakers and topics to present. Look around on the web and you will find that many regions of the country have cooperative buying associations or other organizations along this line. We would like to see that here in New England.

We do not believe that the diverse shops and roasteries in Massachusetts are competing with each other. Analysis of consumer buying shows that each of us is competing with major chains, not each other. So it makes sense to pool resources for our mutual benefit to help us gain clout over the major brands.

What can we do?

1. Importing costs are spiraling upwards. It gets harder every year to buy direct from small producers. By joining in on a cooperative buy, we can get economy of scale and save 15% or even 30%. That has to help your bottom line!

2. Most roasteries and independent coffee shops do not have as much range in their offerings as they would like to have. By sharing our best beans, even trading with each other, we can increase our range of coffees offered to the public without adding huge costs for sourcing new coffees.

3. There are opportunities to co-promote and create buzz in the media and draw new business.

Some shops and roasters might feel reluctant to share information, believing that we are all in competition with each other. That’s fine... we invite them nevertheless to come and experience some great coffee comradery and entertainment, get some substantial free green coffee samples, and see what they think after they have attended. Those who find it valuable will hopefully be excited about helping us grow this Club to everybody’s mutual benefit.

First Event:

We will be contacting potential joiners in the area and asking if they are interested, and offering a choice of dates for a first meeting. At the moment we are proposing:

Thursday, October 22nd
4PM to 7PM
We would run for three hours so that people can beat the rush hour traffic or come after it has settled.

Likely events:

Presentation:  “Green Bean Beverages: Fad or New Easy Profit Center?”

Time:  4:30 pm, 6:30 pm   Length: 20 minutes

Presenter: Len Brault, Heirloom Coffee, LLC

A brief demo shows how to make a tasty and palatable green bean beverage base for delicious drinks in under 20 minutes. Which beans are best to use, and how to scale it up if you want to go with it big-time. If you don’t operate a “by the cup” shop, sell green beans to local home roasters and people who want to make green bean beverages. Roasters across the country are finding that selling green beans direct to consumers adds a lot to the profit line!

Handout: Recap of the green bean beverage process and some great drink recipes.

Presentation:  “Is Your Business Growth Hobbled by Lack of Capital?”

We all know how difficult it is to find the backing to add on a new roasting machine or expand your operations. If we get enough attendees to commit to coming, we will ask one or more local lenders who have specifically approved funds for expansion to our types of business to make a brief presentation about what they look for, and how to get what you need to grow.

Entertainment:  Brew Your Own Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

If you haven’t tried it, you know you want to. And you can take home your own free stainless steel Phin to play with at home.

Green Bean (or Roasted) Coffee Swap

We invite you to bring along any green beans (with or without roasted samples) that you are proud of and maybe would like to find a co-buyer for, or simply want to share. We all love to try new coffees, so we will brew up anything you choose to bring.

Take-homes that will be given to all attendees:

We know you are way too busy. As a thank you for attending our Club and checking it out, we will put a smile on your face:

Your pick of three 10-pound green bean samples from 6 different premium coffees, you choose. Brazilian Volcano Origin Coffees, Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu, Papua New Guinea PSC-AA and more. You know what to do with 30 pounds of free super-premium green beans, don’t you? We hope so! Enjoy.

Handouts from the presentations, if desired.

Vietnamese Phin filters, take them home and have fun playing with them :-)

And of course, if you bring samples to swap, or even if you don’t, there will be people foisting other green bean and roasted samples on you to take home and try.

RSVP to attend: Call Len Brault @ 781-391-2255 between 10am and 4 pm.

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