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Vietnamese green teas are in high demand among tea resellers from China and other Southeastern Asian countries. Their centuries-old plantations and ritual tea house retreats are enjoying a modern-day renaissance in the "new" Vietnam for business and pleasure.

In addition to the green teas, we also offer some popular favorites that remain hard-to-find in America. The naturally sweet and soothing Artichoke Tea and delightful Rose Fruity Milk Tea have a very loyal following. For fans of rose teas, we have the Ruby Rosebud Tea, which consists of 100% tightly-furled miniature rosebuds in a deep magenta color.

Blooming White Tea: Exotic Treasures from the Orient - 
The ancient traditional craft of hand-sewing white (Silver Needle) tea leaves into decorative shapes originated in China but spread to Vietnam along with many other cultural artifacts. These tight spheres of premium white tea expand in hot water to reveal a beautiful and delicate flower, with a colorful blossom in the center. In Vietnam, these works of art are called Dragonflower Teas.

We have also recently added our new Thai Tea, the first whole-leaf, all natural Thai Tea mix intended for iced Thai Tea. It is 100% natural, no artificial food colorings like with most brands, and the whole leaf black tea base is superb.

Below is a full list of all the items in all the sub-categories. This is useful if you want to browse everything, but you might find it easier to select one of the sub-categories above.

  • Milk Tea in four flavors: Rose Fruity, Earl Gray, Roasted, and Original ##for 10 teabags##

    3:15PM Milk Teas from Taiwan


    These milk teas are hard for us to keep in stock. But we persevere because they are just so well-loved. They have a very "comfort food" appeal and the flavors are subtle but pleasing. Ingredients are Black Tea, creamer and... Learn more

  • Jasmine phoenix blooming tea in a glass teapot ##for 1 blooming tea (makes at least one 6-cup pot)##

    Jasmine Phoenix Blooming Silver Needle Tea


    Blooming teas are Silver Needle tea leaves hand-sewn into elegant and mysterious designs. Each one is unique, but certain traditional designs have been passed down through the tea-growing culture. The Jasmine Phoenix design... Learn more

  • ##for 20 teabags##

    Tam Chau Artichoke Tea, in teabags


    Delicious, caffeine-free Artichoke tea is made from the whole Artichoke plant, although brands will differ in the percentage of flower, stem and leaf. This traditional herbal tea is a Vietnamese favorite, and has a smooth... Learn more

  • ##for 100g##

    Tam Chau Origami (Flower) Oolong Tea


    This top-quality Oolong tea, similar to Formosa's Oolong 18, begins as tightly-folded tea buds, each containing two or three leaves. When brewed, they unfold, origami-like, into charming tea flowers floating in a lovely... Learn more

  • ##for 100 teabags##

    Tam Chau Artichoke Tea, 100 teabags

    $12.95 $10.95

    Delicious, caffeine-free Artichoke tea is made from the whole Artichoke plant, although brands will differ in the percentage of flower, stem and leaf. This traditional herbal tea is a Vietnamese favorite, and has a smooth... Learn more

  • ##for 24 teabags##

    Hung Phat Artichoke Tea, 25 teabags

    $5.95 $4.50

    Delicious, caffeine-free Artichoke tea is made from the whole Artichoke plant, although brands will differ in the percentage of flower, stem and leaf. This traditional herbal tea is a Vietnamese favorite, and has a smooth... Learn more

  • Mulled Cascara Cider##4 ounce bag with 6 brewing bags##

    Mulled Cascara Cider

    $7.95 $6.95

    Oh my goodness, cascara and mulling spice are a match made in Autumnal heaven. The naturally sweet and fruity brew of the coffee fruit is inherently good with spice--we've been playing with spiced cascara drinks all year,... Learn more

  • Happy Place Cascara, Hibiscus and Rooibos##100 gram bag with 6 brewing bags##

    The Happy Place: Cascara (Coffee Fruit), Rooibos, and Hibiscus

    $9.75 $7.95

    Something this good shouldn't be so good for you--but it is! Our latest cascara blend contains coffee fruit mixed with hibiscus and rooibos. These three ingredients work synergistically, both in flavor and nutrition... Learn more

  • Brewable Coffee Fruit (cascara) ##for 4 ounces##

    Brewable Coffee Fruit (Cascara)

    $7.50 $6.75

    Did you know the coffee "bean" is actually the seed of the coffee fruit cherry? Normally, the juicy red flesh of the coffee cherry is composted, since it's the seeds we're after. But the coffee fruit (also known as cascara,... Learn more

  • Brewable Coffee Fruit (cascara)  ##for 12oz, generates $2 donation to Hurricane relief##

    Brewable Coffee Fruit (Cascara) - 12 ounce bag - HURRICANE RELIEF

    $19.50 $18.00

    Delicious, generous 12-ounce bag of dried coffee fruit (cascara) is a convenient and economical size and generates $2 for Hurricane Relief. Did you know the coffee "bean" is actually the seed of the coffee fruit cherry?... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Black Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen

    Vietnamese Black Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen


    Rich, fragrant, smooth loose leaf black tea from Vietnam's top tea producing region, Thai Nguyen. You'll love this tea! Vietnam's tea region has been producing some of Asia's best quality teas for 300 years. Hot or iced,... Learn more

  • Ruby Rosebud Flower Tea ##for 50g##

    Ruby Rosebud Tea


    This rare tea is pure miniature rosebuds. The deep color and perfect, shapely buds set this tea apart from other rose teas. It has a light, sweet taste and full rosy aroma. Its beauty makes it an excellent gift - lasts... Learn more

  • Phuc Long Whole Leaf Green Tea ##for 100g##

    Phuc Long Whole Leaf Green Tea


    Our newest tea partner, Phuc Long supplies fine, whole-leaf green tea from Vietnam. Minimally processed; you can click on the pictures of the leaves below and see they are still slightly silvery. The silvering is what makes... Learn more

  • ##for 100g loose-leaf tea##

    Tam Chau Whole Leaf Green Tea, 100g (box)


    This elegant green tea comes in a vacuum foil bag inside an attractive box. As with all our teas, it is minimally-processed and full of fresh green tea goodness. The premium-quality baby tea leaves have a delicate flavor and... Learn more

  • Tam Chau Green Tea in teabags ##for 1 box of 20 teabags##

    Tam Chau Green Tea in Teabags


    Tam Chau is one of the most respected brands in Vietnam. Pure, clean tea grown in Vietnam's reclusive tea region that has produced signature-quality teas and tea "retreats" for over a century. Green Tea in Teabags Our... Learn more

  • ##From green to black and blooming too - Vietnam's greatest teas - Save $8##

    All-Vietnamese Super Tea Gift

    $37.95 $29.95

    Vietnam: Three Centuries of Superb Teas! These teas are from tea beds first cultivated between 200 and 300 years ago. Vietnamese teas are grown in secluded mountain areas that are famous for their "Tea Retreats" where... Learn more

  • Splendid Garden - Famous Chinese Teas

    Splendid Garden - China's Famous Teas


    Our top-selling tea gift! Take a journey through China's most famous tea regions, and taste the teas of the Emperors without paying an Emperor's ransom. We have found a delightful collection of Chinese whole leaf teas that... Learn more

  • All natural, vegan, whole leaf Thai Tea ##for 60g##

    Thai Tea


    Perfect summer delight! We all know Thai tea... that orange-hued, hauntingly delicious black tea that is usually enjoyed iced. But generally Thai Tea, as available from Asian groceries, is full of artificial coloring and is... Learn more

  • Extraordinary Teas

    Extraordinary Teas

    $26.95 $22.95

    The gift is TOO MUCH FUN for a lover of unique teas and herbal teas. Enjoy 100g of our Happy Place blend of Coffee fruit, real hibiscus flowers, and African Rooibos. All natural, incredibly full of a broad spectrum of... Learn more

  • ##for 20 teabags##

    Tam Chau Oolong Tea in Teabags


    Our first oolong tea that comes in teabags! This oolong tea is robust and smooth, moderately aged for an amber-colored cup. This is as close as possible to the flavor of a premium loose-leaf tea, with the convenience and... Learn more

  • Ginger Tea ##for 20 teabags##

    Ginger Tea, 20 teabags


    All ginger! Fresh, finely ground ginger in teabagse makes a delicious hot or iced tea. Combine with other teas for ginger black tea, etc. We tried a dozen brands and this was the best - fresh, sweet, a little hot, with a... Learn more

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