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Aged Brazil Adrano Volcano Harlequin Roast Coffee - Sale

Adrano is a 12-time winner of Golden Bean USA, Australia and European awards! This is an intense, complex coffee. The unique terroir imparts a unique flavor profile that is an interesting combination of sharp, bright elements with earthy and floral tones and a hint of chocolate. Body is high and smooth, and the appeal to the palate is broad because of the three varieties.

This top-selling, multi-award-winning single origin Adrano Volcano Coffee is amazing in Len's new two-temperature roast specifically developed for this last 132-lb sack from our 2019 season. In their second year, many crops have fully converted their sugars to butter, chocolate and caramel tones that can't be duplicated in "young" beans. This type of taste experience is seldom available because crops are usually consumed entirely in their first year. But because we deliberately hold over a few bags for aging (often only for our own personal stash!), we are able to occasionally feature great experiences like this. Enjoy it while it lasts!

8 oz bags. Please choose drip or whole bean bag.

Sorry, sold out!

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There is no other terroir in the world similar to the unique microclimate of Pocos de Caldas, which is angled perfectly toward the sun. Pocos de Caldas receives sharply divided day and night periods that begin with early morning sun full-on until 4 pm, when the sun suddenly is cut off by passing across the rim of the crate at the top of the mountain, triggering a burst of energy (sugar) conversion into flavor in the beans. The soil is an enriched combination of volcanic minerals and rainforest soil, giving the coffee an abundance of nutrition and minerals. The coffees consist of a variety of unusual Arabica sub-types, including golden-fruited Catuai.

These coffees are sustainably grown, UTZ Certified, and direct-trade. Volcano Coffee Company also practices an innovative reinterpretation of "shade-grown" coffee: instead of interplanting hardwood trees with their coffee (which is of limited usefulness for wildlife due to lack of underbrush and biodiversity), they preserve wide strips of intact rainforest between different planting areas. This lets the coffee get the right amount of sun, protects biodiversity, and provides undisturbed habitat for wildlife.

brazil-vcc-tossing-cherries.jpg Image from the farm during sunset harvest 2014 One of the estates in the co-op that produces this coffee Bourbon Arabica cherries are not red but yellow, unlike most coffee cherries

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  1. 5 Star Review Delicious

    Low acidity, delicious. Worth every penny.

    Posted by on Jun 2nd 2021

  2. 5 Star Review Brazil coffee

    just another good coffee from Len

    Posted by on May 12th 2021

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