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Brazil St. Domingos Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted

St. Domingos is blended from Volcano Coffee Company's sweetest coffee cherries, creating an eminently drinkable, naturally sweet coffee with ample notes of brown sugar, soft fruit, and vanilla. The aroma is reminiscent of a cafe offering both coffee and fresh-baked pastry. Smooth and low-acid, and perfect for enjoying without sugar, hot or cold.

Back in stock! New 2022 crop!

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There is no other terroir in the world similar to the unique microclimate of Pocos de Caldas, which is angled perfectly toward the sun. Pocos de Caldas receives sharply divided day and night periods that begin with early morning sun full-on until 4 pm, when the sun suddenly is cut off by passing across the rim of the crate at the top of the mountain, triggering a burst of energy (sugar) conversion into flavor in the beans. The soil is an enriched combination of volcanic minerals and rainforest soil, giving the coffee an abundace of nutrition and minerals. The coffees consist of a variety of unusual Arabica sub-types, including golden-fruited Catuai.

These coffees are sustainably grown, UTZ Certified, and direct-trade. Volcano Coffee Company also practices an innovative reinterpretation of "shade-grown" coffee: instead of interplanting hardwood trees with their coffee (which is of limited usefulness for wildlife due to lack of underbrush and biodiversity), they preserve wide strips of intact rainforest between different planting areas. This lets the coffee get the right amount of sun, protects biodiversity, and provides undisturbed habitat for wildlife.

brazil-vcc-tossing-cherries.jpg Image from the farm during sunset harvest 2014 One of the estates in the co-op that produces this coffee Bourbon Arabica cherries are not red but yellow, unlike most coffee cherries


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  1. 5 Star Review A favorite

    This is a tasty to roast yourself to the depth of roast desired. A novice roaster, I use a Necso hot air roaster on medium plus a few more minutes. The flavor is best after sitting a few days following roast. I am glad to have discovered Len's many choices with speedy delivery. I have found some varieties that are difficult to find as they come from small companies.

    Posted by on Sep 24th 2023

  2. 5 Star Review Versatile in roast & brew methods & blends

    I like all of Len’s offerings of Brazil’s Poços de Caldas region’s green beans. I’ve been roasting them 4 years now. In that time I’ve ordered 13-lb St. Domingos, 32-lb Adrano & 19-lb Santa Izabel. I’ve have tried lots of Brazilian beans from numerous vendors; those from Len’s have been my regular favorites. For many years I had good to excellent results with a WhirleyPop. A few years ago switched to a SR800 & for nearly a year alternate sessions with an HotTop B-2K+. I normally roast medium to med-Dk for pour-over & darker for espresso/cappucinno. St Domingos at a Viennese roast level where surface oils appear after 5 days is a favorite of either brew method. St Dom alone or with Adrano are most always the main bean(s) in my espresso, cap blends. In my B-2K+ my average 2nd-Crack duration is 0:20 once steady. Once using remainers of a bag, I now often roast a blend 70% Adrano w/30% St Dom; alway VG to Ex in a Hario Switch, 1:16 @ 200–203°.

    Posted by on Sep 9th 2023

  3. 5 Star Review Smooth!

    Wow, what a tasty cuppa! Very low acidity.
    Len's & DragonQueen's decriptions are apt.
    I tried Medium/house to medium dark roasts and got a nice variety of flavors and aromas.
    Will try a "blond" roast next for comparison.
    Def getting this again.

    Posted by on Apr 19th 2021

  4. 5 Star Review Coffee Goodnessin a Cup

    I tried this coffee at a couple of different roasts and I like it in a medium roast. It's fruity and fragrant, I like the aroma as much as the taste. Been very happy with it so far. I recommend that you let it sit several days if you roast it dark, the first day it was woody and the flavor did not develop. But by the third day it was superb! It doesn't seem to need to rest as much in a medium roast. I am a happy camper and would definitely order this one again. :)

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2016

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