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Brewable Coffee Fruit (Cascara) and Syrup Duo

Coffee fruit is delicious and incredibly healthy! It's packed with a ridiculous amount of antioxidants. Coffee fruit has 8x the antioxidant power of blueberries and more health-giving properties than acai and pomegranate. It's time for the fruit to join the bean in the spotlight!

Brewable coffee fruit brews in a French press, teaball, or disposable brew bag to give you a deliciously fruity and fragrant cup that is unlike any other. The syrup captures that flavor into a ready-to-use cane sugar syrup perfect for adding to seltzer or other drinks, or as a topping for fruit or desserts.

Now you can try both types of Cascara that we offer: The dry, natural fruit, and the all-natural syrup made simply by steeping and concentrating the fruit essence and adding organic sugar. How will you love it best? Now you can find out. This Cascara Duo features the 4 ounce dry cascara with the 150 mL bottle of syrup, and ships with an expanded recipe booklet with basic brewing instructions and drink recipes to really help you explore this new delight!


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  1. 5 Star Review Great, complex, earthy sweetener!

    This syrup is terrific! It reminds me of tamarind pulp, if you are familiar. I use it as a coffee sweetener, but my favorite way to enjoy it is as a flavoring agent in carbonated water. It makes a delicious, anti-oxidant rich soda!

    Posted by on May 1st 2017

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