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Coffee Flight: Peru Q Microlot in Light, Medium, Dark Roast

Are you a Dark Roast person? A Light Roast Person? Are you sure? Most people choose roast based on the STRENGTH or DEPTH of the coffee taste profile they prefer. But we challenge your perceptions! This selection of 3 roasts is great fun and a fabulous value.

People who say they like "Dark Roast" often mean they want a richer coffee than the usual run of the mill. They may find that a volcanic soil coffee in Medium roast os actually their favorite, because the depth they are seeking is there, and maybe the enjoy the medium roast profile because it doesn't lose the fruity notes.

Here is your chance to take yourself to school and have an amazing experience that may change the way you think about coffee: The Peru Q Microlot Coffee Flight: Three winners at Light, Medium and Dark Roast will answer this question for you.

The great thing about the Coffee Flight is that you can even blend your own Harlequin roast: Just mix two of the roasts in a the proportion you think you'd prefer and see what happens.

You can't go wrong with one of the world's top origin coffees! Every sip of every roast level is a delight. We received rave reviews for the Peru Blend Microlot last month, don't miss this new microlot from the Quellouno Region of Peru, 7,000 feet altitude, small farm sun-dried processing.

Three Glass Pack bottles holding approximately 6 ounces of coffee each. Whole bean only.

More Information

Peruvian mountain coffee can be grown only in small quantities, because the magnificent Andes mountains divide growing land up into hundreds of little plots. To bring us this coffee, our Peruvian contact had to gather together harvests from several farms, each of which was located in an equally hard-to-reach nook between towering rocky crags.

Like our Papua New Guinea coffee, the Peruvian coffee represents an opportunity for otherwise isolated people to connect with the world and bring prosperity to their families. Our Peruvian contact is serious about uplifting the entire region, even to the extent of purchasing a cutting-edge gravometric bean sorter to ensure that these are some of the cleanest, most uniformly perfect beans we've ever seen.

All the effort involved in procuring this coffee does make it expensive, but we hope you'll agree that it's worth the price. Not only because your purchase directly supports six proud, hardworking farm families, but also because it's a darn good coffee!


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