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Create Your Own Low Caffeine Blend (Kit - green, unroasted beans)

It's hard to keep up with all the health organizations out there telling us every month that we should be drinking MORE coffee. Now some are recommending up to 5 cups a day to get the best benefits. What if the caffeine gets to you after the second or third cup? Have no fear, we have you covered for taste and LOW caffeine. (This is not a DeCaf kit!)

Everybody likes an evening coffee, but some of us can't have one because the caffeine will make us restless. Well, with these beans you can "design a caffeine level" from 3% to 65% of the normal amount, depending on which beans you have in your mix.

Costa Rica Jaguar Tarrazu and Peru Q coffee is naturally low in caffeine because it is grown at very high altitudes. And our Honduras Swiss Water Process uses a natural soak to bring out the caffeine to where it is 97% caffeine-free but preserves so much of the original taste that most people cannot tell that this is DeCaf and not just a high-cupping regular-caffeine coffee.

Kit contains 3 pounds of green, unroasted beans. This is NOT roasted coffee. Contains 1 pound Costa Rica Jaguar, 1 pound Peru Quellerno Arabica, and 1 pound Honduras Swiss Water Process DeCaf (all natural), plus a booklet with suggestions and information about creating low caffeine coffees for enjoying any time of day or night!

(this product photo is generic and does not show the actual bean origins)


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  1. 5 Star Review Great Good Blend

    I’m starting to dabble in decaf coffee so as to enjoy more coffee throughout the day. This package gave me 3 coffees to blend in different ratios to enjoy great coffee in lower caffeine.

    Posted by on Apr 17th 2020

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