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Welcome, home roasters! We offer only one kind of green coffee beans here: delicious ones!

What makes every coffee we carry unique? We choose the best of the best - the top farm in the best growing region of each locale or country. We never settle for good coffee, it has to be great. It has to knock our socks off.

And you can feel great about buying these coffees. Every bean is purchased at 100% Direct Trade, at the farmer's own set price. The farmers can net 5x or more profit from selling direct to companies like ours rather than selling to their own local coops, which often do not provide even a subsistence price. Fair Trade only provides a small margin over the current commodities pricing, which usually is not enough to make a difference in the farmer's well-being. 100% Direct Trade is the way to go to make every coffee purchase do a world of good!

You can browse our single-origin beans, which come from one individual farm or producer, or our pre-mixed blends, which are our own unique blends combining multiple beans for a result greater than the sum of its parts. 

Below is a full list of all the items in all the sub-categories. This is useful if you want to browse everything, but you might find it easier to select one of the sub-categories above.

  • Amorata Vietnamese Low Caffeine Coffee ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Amorata Vietnamese, green unroasted, premixed


    Amorata Vietnamese coffee is blended from our Vietnamese Bourbon Arabica plus two specially-sourced decaffeinated coffees. This is a coffee with a Vietnamese taste profile that is low in caffeine (not a decaf). Low caffeine... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Dalat Blend traditional coffee, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Vietnamese Dalat Blend, green unroasted, premixed


    This traditional four-variety blend perfectly captures the spirit of Vietnamese blended coffees. It is ideal for Vietnamese café-style Phin brewing, but it also brews well in any drip machine, pourover, or French... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Dalat Bourbon Arabica, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Vietnamese Dalat Bourbon Arabica, green unroasted


    Indochine Estates is one of our favorite suppliers to work with because not only do they grow a delicious heirloom variety of Arabica on their multi-generation family farms, they are also deeply involved in their local... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Dalat Highlands Peaberry Robusta, green unroasted,Peaberry Robusta is high in crema and low in acid  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Vietnamese Dalat Highlands Peaberry Robusta, green unroasted


    New crop! New shipment just arrived! Vietnamese Robusta is the secret ingredient in Italian espresso. Its lush body, chocolatey taste, and excellent aftertaste are a product of the rich soil in Vietnam, and the fact that... Learn more

  • Nicaragua El Recreo from the Jinotega Region green unroasted beans ##for 1 pound##

    Nicaragua El Recreo Jinotega Region, green unroasted


    With a classic Central American profile, this coffee is very fragrant, lightly fruity, and has distinct buttery-sugar scent like a sweet roll. Perfect after dinner or for serving to guests. Served with ice and creamer, this... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Buon Me Thuot Excelsa coffee, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Vietnamese Buon Me Thuot Excelsa, green unroasted


    Excelsa is one of the four remaining genetically distinct commercial species of coffee and accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. It is used in Vietnam as a blending coffee, being added to other varieties of... Learn more

  • Kenya Lenana AA green unroasted coffee beans

    Kenya Lenana AA green unroasted coffee beans


    We have sampled a lot of Kenyan coffees and most of the time, we find them too acidic for our tastes. It's hard to find an origin we can trust and a taste profile that really impresses us. But we love this new Lenana. Lenana... Learn more

  • Burlap green coffee sacks##or get 5 for only $30!##

    Coffee Sacks, Burlap

    $12.00 $9.00

    Coffee decor for decorating your home or coffee shop. These are the actual sacks we get our beans in. Most are natural fiber burlap, some are a mix of burlap and synthetic thread. We have so many customers asking for these... Learn more

  • Roast Chart with 7 swatches and designations

    Roast Level Chart - 7 swatches to guide roasting


    Ever notice that nobody agrees on the designations for roasting levels? Confused by "City++" and "Euro Roast" and all the crazy names? This simple color chart shows the popular roast levels from Blonde (Cinnamon) through... Learn more

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Featured Region

Brazil's Poços de Caldas

There is no other terroir in the world similar to the unique microclimate of Poços de Caldas, which is angled perfectly toward the sun. Poços de Caldas receives sharply divided day and night periods that begin with early morning sun full-on till 4 pm. The soil is enriched by volcanic minerals and rainforest humus. Learn more and browse Brazilian Volcano Coffees here.

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