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Ice Ice Baby - Ideal for Cold Brew - Sale

Our newest coffee for icing is an artful combination of award-winning Arabicas and Viet Robusta beans roasted at optimal Light and Dark temperatures. Great for cold brew or hot brew that will be iced. Iced coffee needs to stand up to dilution by the ice when you drink it. The coffees need to be dense, flavorful, and roasted at wide ranges to give a full-palate experience.

Ice Ice Baby has notes of caramel and chocolate, and is delightful as is or loaded up with creamer and sweetener. It's what we are currently serving at our new coffee take-out shop!

8 ounces, please choose bean or drip grind. Please note: Our "Drip grind" for icing coffees is a step coarser than our usual drip coffee, to help reduce fine particles in cold brewing.

$8.50 $6.50
(You save $2.00)
Limit 6 per order, please!

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  1. 4 Star Review Hot Hot Baby As Well

    I live in the Hudson Valley, NY, so it’s February and not quite what I’d consider “iced coffee season,” though I know there are iced coffee year rounders.

    I brewed ice ice baby in my Flair 58 at 195F in 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:3 ratios and most of the time the shot came out smooth and delicious. Love the multi temp roast that brings out all of the flavors. I know what they mean when they say this is going to be great in an iced coffee. If you are a serious coffee drinker you can tell when something hot would be good put on ice.

    I’m still burning through a few more bags of my last order but Ice Ice Baby is going on my next order in time for spring so I can enjoy that glorious warm to just slightly hot on the skin day with a cold cup. I think I’ll pre-make some coffee ice cubes doing a few 1:3 Longo pulls and pull the shot directly on top of those ice cubes, with just a dash of cream line milk from Ronneybrook creamery in Dutchess County, NY.

    Posted by on Feb 25th 2024

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