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Java the Hutt - Tamar Dadar Organic

Wild Forest Organic Java heirloom coffee at its finest! “Taman Dadar” coffee (meaning flower garden, as the region is referred to locally), comes from the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas on the Ijen Plateau. Indigenously cultivated strains that originated from the original Arabica Typica variety are unique to this region in Java.

These small landholders have cultivated their coffee organically for several generations, and recently received an official Organic certification by the Control Union, which allows them to receive a premium price for their beans.

Len's notes: "I remember the original rich aroma of coffee from many decades ago, when great coffee could be had even in local drugstore lunch counters. This coffee takes me back to those days before corporate coffee culture forever changed the taste and quality of coffee grown now mostly on factory-farm type plantations. This is the Real Deal... a comfort coffee."

Tasting notes: Pleasant acidity and slight citrus zest on the front palate, with a dark chocolate and black cherry finish. Syrupy mouthfeel; high in aroma, body, and taste retention.

8 ounces, roasted in our patented "Chocolate Roast" style, where we reduce temperature after First Crack to bring about maximum flavor notes and pull the beans at a Medium Roast color. Please choose drip grind or whole bean.


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  1. 5 Star Review Excellent Java!

    I recently bought a bag of Java the Hut and it was a great purchase. This coffee had an enticing aroma when I opened it, and while brewing. The flavor is as good as the aroma and the roast was perfect to my taste. Thanks for another import that is well worth the money.

    Posted by on Feb 21st 2022

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