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Papua New Guinea Grade PSC-A, green unroasted

NEW 2019 crop, just in!

These wild-grown, triple-picked (only the ripe beans each time) from the Jiwaka Province atop the Waghi Valley are extraordinarily "clean" and have that superb Blue Mountain varietal taste profile we all know and love so well, blended with Typica and balanced for gentle but pleasing acidity, slight hints of melon, citrus and tea. One of our top sellers in every market.

This year's crop is smaller beans than in previous years, reflecting the fact that this was a difficult year for PNG's weather and growing season. But we often love smaller beans when in fact it was adverse weather conditions that produced them, because they seem more vibrant and denser in flavor. This is an incredibly delicious coffee and one of our favorite Papua crops to date.

Please select 1, 3 or 10 pounds. We do have a limited amount but will be receiving more stock soon.

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The taste is stunning. The varieties collected are Typica, Bourbon and Arusha Arabicas. The bushes grow largely wild and no pesticides are chemicals are used. Exceptionally low-acid, richly aromatic, and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate and fruit. 

All the coffee cherries are pulped, washed, soaked and sun dried to 11 percent moisture content. The coffee is then stored unhusked for transportation to a central processing mill in Goroka, approximately 120 miles away in the Eastern Highlands Province, where it’s hulled for shipment. To preserve quality, the coffee stays in the highlands — where it’s far less humid — and is transported another 200 miles by road to the port city of Lae, only just in time to meet the vessel.


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  1. 5 Star Review Special coffee

    Our daughter gave us a bag of this coffee for Christmas years ago. A favorite for our hobby.

    Posted by on Apr 29th 2019

  2. 5 Star Review Smooth and Flavorful

    It is very pleasant to sit and drink in the morning - no acidity.

    Posted by on Oct 6th 2018

  3. 5 Star Review High Quality Beans, Delicious Complexity

    These are very high quality beans. I've never actually seen beans in such amazing shape- they're huge and virtually all the same size. They give you a nice even roast. The profile is quite intense on the cacao side, with a chocolatey sweetness and not very much fruit or 'brightness.' I over roasted it the first few times and didn't like it very much, but then I did a perfect light roast and really tasted the complexity of this wonderful bean.

    I'm sure that blended with an African or a brighter Guatemalan would be quite delicious indeed. Overall very impressed with this supplier, they definitely care about the quality of their product.

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2016

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