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Trung Nguyen Legend Special Edition Instant Coffee

The TN Legend Instant Coffees are a celebration of Trung Nguyen's 25th Anniversary of being Asia's top selling coffee company. They have create an instant powder from the famous flagship Legendee coffee and taken great care to balance the 3-in-1 flavor without too much sweetness, and presented it in 25 gram sachets that make a more "American" size serving of about 8-9 ounces, as opposed to the 5-6 ounce servings of regular G7. The serving size is more along the lines of the Gu Manh X2 Instant.

These coffees are far more sophisticated and flavorful anything we have tried in the USA, so we know you will enjoy them.

The Legend Special Edition has an intense, caramelly profile with a traditional blended coffee taste along the lines of Creative 4. We love it iced also.

Trung Nguyen changed the packaging; they now come in a silver box with 9 servings. So we give you two boxes for this price, a total of 18 Café-stick style servings. The samples shown in the picture are also no longer included.

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  1. 5 Star Review What a Treat!

    A fantastic-tasting instant, perfect for travel, unexpected guests or just a no-fuss splurge. Before this, I steered clear of mixes, adding only pure milk or Longevity Gold to a fresh brew. But this is absolutely delicious.

    Posted by on Dec 17th 2021

  2. 5 Star Review great taste

    This was my first time trying this blend. Was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I prefer strong coffee and this was good. Loved the chocolate undertones. Will definitely buy this again.

    Posted by on Aug 22nd 2020

  3. 5 Star Review Legend instant coffee

    Very good

    Posted by on Nov 29th 2019

  4. 5 Star Review Vietnamese coffee

    I have been to Vietnam many times and I live in Southern California in an area with the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam, so it is nice to be able to get this great coffee at home with the convenience of instant. I get other coffee at the markets but cannot get this one.

    Posted by on May 5th 2019

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