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Vietnamese Buon Me Thuot Excelsa, green unroasted

Excelsa is one of the four remaining genetically distinct commercial species of coffee and accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. It is used in Vietnam as a blending coffee, being added to other varieties of coffee to add complexity and depth. It's a vital ingredient in Trung Nguyen's blended coffees, including the famous Gourmet Blend, Buon Me Thuot Special, and Creative Four.

Our Excelsa was grown on one of Indochine Estates' coffee farms in the Dalat Highlands area of Vietnam. They have been processed by the traditional sun-drying method made possible by Vietnam's reliably long, hot summer.

These beans come to us in a very natural state. We sift through the coffee by hand, visually inspecting every lot to remove broken beans and small bits of dried coffee fruit, which are a result of the drying process and the beans' non-uniform size. Excelsa itself has a highly variable fruit, producing seeds of all shapes and sizes, as you can see in the image. This is part of its unique character.

Excelsa has a distinctive tart, fruity, dark, mysterious taste. In blends, it enhances the middle and back palate and lingering finish of the coffee, giving the cup more substance and power. Brewed on its own, it is a compelling and unique coffee experience, like a good Scotch. Green unroasted coffee beans for home or commercial roaster.


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  1. 5 Star Review Number 1

    The main purpose of this coffee, for me, was for blending. It works really good for a custom house blend. However, as a single source it is the best. An amazing dark, rich, "thick," flavor rests with you. An avid (pressure cooker in canning jars, never going back) cowboy coffee drinker will note the same fascinating, effervescent taste, of any errant grains, that is in the smell of this roasting coffee.

    Posted by on Feb 12th 2019

  2. 5 Star Review A marvelous coffee

    I have roasted and served this Vietnamese Excelsa as a single origin coffee and it's fabulous. I enjoy the bite and the strong flavors in the center and back of the tongue. However, my favorite way to roast/serve this is in a 50%/50% blend with Sumatra. They balance each other so well that this has become my signature blend, a truly unique coffee that has everyone raving.

    Posted by on May 11th 2017

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