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Ethiopia Kembata Blueberry Arabica

It's back! We have the berries! In the coffee industry we're always looking for those rare Ethiopian coffees with the wonderful blueberry notes. This Kembata coffee is sun-dried with the fruit on, giving it extraordinary depth, strength, strong fruity notes of both blueberry and strawberry, with a hint of chocolate on the back palate. Len fell in love with this coffee the moment he roasted it with his special extended-City Level Ethiopian roast profile, which brings out the maximum flavor and strength of the fruity notes.

This is just a wonderfully rich coffee with initial bite and round, fruity profile that takes your tastebuds on a pleasure cruise. Excellent after-dinner coffee!

We get these beans from a woman-owned co-op that has earned many awards. This coffee is VERY hard to source, and we are getting low, so we have to limit sales to 3 per customer at this time. We are hoping to get more in around mid-December.

8 ounces, please choose whole bean or drip grind. Roast level: Our Ethiopian Fruity Roast, which is an extended City Roast.

We're sorry, we are out of Kembata. We are hoping to get more soon.

Limit 3 per order, please!
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  1. 5 Star Review Excellent notes

    Loved this coffee a lot. Had excellent notes and a nice ,smooth body. Great price, hard to beat

    Posted by on Nov 2nd 2023

  2. 5 Star Review So blueberry!

    I had completely forgotten the name of this coffee when I made some. I looked at the part of the label that said Ethiopia, and that was plenty for me. It was the morning, you know. Pre coffee, one only reads so much. I remember having ordered it now that I go back to write this review, but I want to be clear - there was no power of suggestion coming off the tasting notes.

    The blueberry flavor is real here, it's uncanny. It still has all the buoying support of coffee, there's nothing like the 'off' feeling that comes with added flavors that aren't coming out of the bean. It's supportive and uplifting. Today is going to be an outstanding day.

    Posted by on Apr 19th 2022

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