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Discover your new favorite coffee today!

We sell only 100% Direct Trade coffees personally selected to be the Best of the Best from every region and farm that is represented.

Originally sourcing coffees from Vietnam, we have expanded to offer old and new world coffees that all have one thing in common: They are heritage varieties grown for decades or even centuries for taste and character first, rather than modern hybrids chosen for high yield or other traits.

If the thrill is gone from your coffee, you can find it here again!

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Welcome to Len's Coffee®

Browse our traditional Vietnamese coffees from the world's 2nd-largest coffee producing nation - and recreate the authentic Vietnamese coffee house experience of Café Sua Da hot or iced coffee at home! Smooth, strong, low in acid... everybody loves it.

Browse our own brand of fresh-roasted coffees created from 100% Direct-Trade-purchased beans imported from the best farms in many of the premier growing regions of the world, along with our master Blends and signature Harlequin Roast™ award-winning coffees.

We also specialize in supporting home, hobby and commercial roasters who are serious about their craft and want to offer uniquely amazing and distinct coffees that can't be found elsewhere, including our pre-mixed signature blends.


Visit our Sale Page to see new products such as freeze-dried Dragonfruit Chips and white tea!

Saigon Blend

New Line: Our own Saigon Blends!

Vietnamese roasting style is a secret no longer, we have mastered the techniques and now offer you the quintessential chocolatey, rich, buttery taste with signature Highland Peaberry Robusta, Dalat Bourbon Arabica, Buon Me Thuot Excelsa beans and more. Try them all as we release them, you just might find your new favorite coffee today.

All coffees are 100% direct trade and produced by safe & sustainable agricultural practices.

Why Our Customers Love Us

The most common kudos we receive are thank-you's from customers who are pleased to be treated like family and by the fact that real people answer the phones. Combined with our personal guarantee that EVERY coffee on this website is truly exceptional, we strive to provide the best possible coffee and coffee-buying experience.

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Hello Len, just a short note to tell you that I've enjoyed all the different coffees I've purchased from you over the past couple of years and I appreciate the speed and accuracy in which my orders have arrived. Kudos to you and your staff for all your good work! - Joey
I just want to thank you for having the best coffee I ever drank. I have turned many of my friends and family on to your business. I have not had a bad coffee from your company, keep up the great prices and coffee. - Dan K.

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Brazil Microlots

Get to know our Brazil Microlots!

These volcanic soil coffees are delicious and diverse...


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Featured Region

The Araku Valley of India

India's coffee tradition goes back 400 years or more, when a variety called Kent was first established in the Southern Hills. Arabicas predominated until the blight of 1870, when growers needed to hybridize to resistant varieties. The resultant strains had genes from Liberica and other unique, resistant species. Learn more and browse India's Araku Valley coffees here.

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