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Vietnamese teas are in high demand among tea resellers from China and other Southeastern Asian countries. Their centuries-old plantations and ritual tea house retreats are enjoying a modern-day renaissance in the "new" Vietnam for business and pleasure.

In addition to pristine white, green, oolong and black tea from Vietnams, we also offer some popular favorites that remain hard-to-find in America. The naturally sweet and soothing Artichoke Tea and delightful new dried fruits for tisanes or just snacking are unparalleled. For fans of rose teas, we have the Vietnamese Rose Tea which consists of tightly-furled miniature rosebuds in a deep magenta color. Also available as a mixed Black/Rose petal tea.

Our Thai Tea is the first whole-leaf, all natural Thai Tea mix intended for iced Thai Tea. It is 100% natural, no artificial food colorings like with most brands, and the whole leaf black tea base is superb.

Below is a full list of all the items in all the sub-categories. This is useful if you want to browse everything, but you might find it easier to select one of the sub-categories above.

  • Vietnamese Black Tea Flower and Berry##3 pouches, makes up to 3 liters##

    Vietnamese Flower & Berry Tea


    The ultimate hot summer refresher - fragrant Vietnamese Black Tea with our crafted blend of Hibiscus Flowers, Rooisbos, Elderberries, Barberries from India, Raspberry and a touch of organic muscovado sugar (4 grams). While... Learn more

  • ##for 100g##

    Tam Chau Origami (Flower) Oolong Tea


    This top-quality Oolong tea, similar to Formosa's Oolong 18, begins as tightly-folded tea buds, each containing two or three leaves. When brewed, they unfold, origami-like, into charming tea flowers floating in a lovely... Learn more

  • Dragonfruit and Lime Nectar ##for 4 packets##

    Dragonfruit Lime Nectar, Instant Drink Mix


    We're loving our Dragon Fruit and Lemon powders from Vietnam. And we found another fun way to enjoy them - they make an amazing, velvety iced drink that is super healthy and addictively delicious. The Vietnamese Lemon is... Learn more

  • Black tea with real rose petals##Black tea with real miniature rose petals#

    Vietnamese Black Rose Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen


    Since 2005 we have loved our Tiny Rosebud Tea, and now we have blended it into fragrant, pure Thai Nguyen Black Tea to create a perfect hot tea for milk and sugar treatment or for enjoyment iced. Rich, fragrant, smooth loose... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Red Dragon Fruit Freeze Dried Powder ##3 oz and 6 oz sizes available##

    Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Powder, Freeze-Dried


    Dragon fruit powder is delicious and packed with nutrients! This powder is from the Red variety (although their color might be better described as purple or fuschia), as opposed to the White variety. They are grown and... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Red Dragon Fruit Freeze Dried##2 oz and 4 oz bags available##

    Vietnamese Red Dragonfruit, Freeze-Dried Chips


    Omigod these Dragonfruit Chips are delicious! We had to get them up on the web fast before our staff eats them all, lol. These are the Red variety (although their color might be better described as purple or fuschia), as... Learn more

  • Premium Vietnamese White Tea ##for 60 grams##

    Vietnamese White Tea, Grade 1


    From the pristine tea fields of Vietnam we have sourced the top grade of white tea available. White tea comes from the same plant as green, oolong and black tea, but it is the top, tiny leaves of the plant. The color is... Learn more

  • Blue Vanilla Ginger Iced Tea ##6 individual teabags##

    Blue Vanilla Ginger Tea - Made for Icing!


    "Blue Vanilla Snow Cone meets Jamaica Ginger Beer" is how Len describes this tea, but this falls so short of the delight that this tea inspires. Even hardened "I don't like tea" people are drinking 2 or 3 cups of this iced;... Learn more

  • All natural dried Vietnamese ginger ##3 ounces in a resealable pouch##

    Vietnamese Dried Ginger

    $4.50 $3.00

    Clean, delicious, all-natural dried ginger is versatile for use as tea and in cooking. Stores well and imparts its flavor into hot water quickly. Less bite than many gingers, and very refreshing. We use these ginger pieces... Learn more

  • Cochin Melon (Gac) from Vietnam ##for 3.5 ounce pouch##

    Cochin Melon Powder (Gac)

    $4.50 $3.75

    Cochin Melon (our abbreviation for its botanical name Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng) is popular throughout Southeast Asia for coloring rice dishes and baked goods, as it has a beautiful orange hue. But it also qualifies... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Lemon Powder ##5 oz.##

    Vietnamese Freeze-Dried Lemon Powder, 5 oz.


    Here in the USA we are used to Lemons and Limes and Oranges. Heck, they are defined by their colors, right? Yellow, Green, Orange... But around the world there are many other "confused" citrus that don't know what they are... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Lemon Dried Slices ##special trial pack; larger bag also on sale ##

    Vietnamese Lemon Slices, Dried


    Here in the USA we are used to Lemons and Limes and Oranges. Heck, they are defined by their colors, right? Yellow, Green, Orange... But around the world there are many other "confused" citrus that don't know what they are... Learn more

  • ##for 100 teabags##

    Tam Chau Artichoke Tea, 100 teabags


    Too much holiday cheer? Detox with delicious, caffeine-free Artichoke tea made from the whole Artichoke plant. This traditional herbal tea is a Vietnamese favorite, and has a smooth and naturally sweet flavor, rich... Learn more

  • Ruby Rosebud Flower Tea ##for 50g##

    Ruby Rosebud Tea


    This rare tea is pure miniature rosebuds. The deep color and perfect, shapely buds set this tea apart from other rose teas. It has a light, sweet taste and full rosy aroma. Its beauty makes it an excellent gift - lasts... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Black Tea from Thai Nguyen province ##60 grams loose leaf tea##

    Vietnamese Black Tea, loose leaf, from Thai Nguyen


    Rich, fragrant, smooth loose leaf black tea from Vietnam's top tea producing region, Thai Nguyen. You'll love this tea! Vietnam's tea region has been meticulously producing some of Asia's purest, best-tasting teas for over... Learn more

  • Phuc Long Whole Leaf Green Tea ##for 100g##

    Phuc Long Whole Leaf Green Tea


    Our newest tea partner, Phuc Long supplies fine, whole-leaf green tea from Vietnam. Minimally processed; you can click on the pictures of the leaves below and see they are still slightly silvery. The silvering is what makes... Learn more

  • All natural, vegan, whole leaf Thai Tea ##for 100g##

    Thai Tea


    Perfect summer delight! We all know Thai tea... that orange-hued, hauntingly delicious black tea that is usually enjoyed iced. But generally Thai Tea, as available from Asian groceries, is full of artificial coloring and is... Learn more

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