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The June Sale has arrived!

Laos Bourbon coffee is "Back From Rio"! That is to say, we caught it sunning itself and hiding behind our Dalat Bourbon in the warehouse, when we thought we had used it all up. Enjoy our last 30 pounds of this amazing coffee while it lasts.

Robusta lovers - rejoice in a new SE Asian Robusta grown in Specialty Coffee care in the mountains of India. Kaapi Royal big screen 17 beans are bursting with flavor, caffeine and that lovely smooth, low-acid robusta profile!

These items are NOT available in wholesale quantities. We reserve the right to limit quantities on all items.

  • ##choose your favorite sample from 4 options!##

    Add your choice of free item to any order of $20 or more!

    $2.00 $0.00

    Your choice of 4 great items to experience, free with any order. Details on each sample option are below. Buon Me Thuot (S) Coffee by Trung Nguyen: Both incredibly popular and an incredibly good value, this is a coffee... Learn more

  • India Kaapi Royal Robusta

    Kaapi Royal Robusta, India Screen 17 Coffee

    $7.25 $5.00

    Super healthy, robust beans are bursting with rich coffee flavor. This is a "back-pallet" delight, with low acidity, high body, and smooth, lingering finish. Kaapi Royal is a term used for Robusta beans that are screened... Learn more

  • ##for 8oz##

    Laos Blend from the Bolaven Plateau

    $8.95 $7.50

    Our Laotian Blend is true Vietnamese-style coffee, in the tradition of our bestselling Dalat Paradise Blend but with even greater depth. The Laos mountains are actually an extension of the same highlands found in the Dalat... Learn more

  • Trung Nguyen Creative 2 Two-Pack

    Trung Nguyen Creative 2 Arabica/Robusta 2-Pack

    $17.00 $13.75

    Blend of rich, sharp Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular and well-rounded coffees. Good hot or iced, black or with cream and sugar. The combination of front-palate Arabica excitation and back-palate... Learn more

  • Saigon Café Blend ##8 ounce ground or whole bean##

    Saigon Café Blend whole bean -SALE

    $9.95 $7.50

    A true traditional Vietnamese-style blend with signature Peaberry Robusta and premium award-winning Arabica and Catimor beans. That chocolatey flavor you love is here in a coffee we created ourselves. All natural, vegan,... Learn more

  • Saigon Legend coffee##8 ounces, ground or whole bean##

    Saigon Legend Master Blend

    $15.95 $12.95

    Yes, we dared! After a year of R&D and experimentation we released our own flagship Vietnamese-roast-style coffee! Chocolatey, buttery, smooth, low-in-acid profile with excellent persistence. This is a masterful blend of... Learn more

  • Catimor Cold Brew Coffee##for 8 oz##

    Catimor Cold Brew - new seasonal coffee

    $9.25 $7.95

    Truly an inspired combination that is ideal for summer cold brew and iced coffee! We have blended two high-cupping specialty heirloom coffees in drastically different roast levels to make an exciting and incredibly aromatic... Learn more

  • Ethiopia Sedecha ##8 ounces##

    Ethiopia Sedecha Microlot Arabica

    $8.95 $7.50

    A top-notch coffee from Ethiopia eluded us for years, as we found samples we loved but beans that did not deliver on their promises when purchased in bulk. This is a coffee that delivers! Instantly recognizable as a regional... Learn more

  • Mason Pack Master Roast: Harlequin Nectar ##for 8 oz, fresh-packed in glass jar; 12 oz also available##

    Glass-Packed Master Roast: Costa Rica Harlequin Nectar

    $12.00 $9.00

    Our most popular single-coffee gift! The Golden Bean USA award-winning coffee grown and specially processed for us. New packaging technique for ultimate freshness, better than vacuum pack. Our flagship Costa Rica Tarrazu... Learn more

  • Kenya Lenana AA Arabica##for 8 ounces##

    Kenya Lenana AA Arabica in Harlequin Roast- SALE

    $8.95 $6.95

    Our best roast for Lenana - Harlequin (2-temperature) Roast on sale! We have sampled a lot of Kenyan coffees and most of the time, we find them too acidic for our tastes. It's hard to find an origin we can trust and a taste... Learn more

  • ##for 8 servings, 2 each 3-in-1, Hazelnut Latte, Cafe au Lait, Creamy Chocolate##

    Brio Instant Fun Pack

    $5.20 $2.50

    Brio Gourmet Instant Coffee mixes are made by Indochine Estates, the source for our finest Vietnamese green coffee beans that we use in our Dalat Blend and other roasted coffees. This Fun Pack contains 2 each of four of... Learn more

  • Q-Cafe Gourmet Instant 3-in-1 Coffee, available in Strong Taste and Good Morning varieties ##for 24 sachets##

    Q-Café Instant 3-in-1 Coffee - "Strong Taste"

    $12.95 $10.95

    If you enjoy gourmet instant coffee, you shouldn't miss Q-Café. Q-Café instant coffee is remarkably creamy and rich, with its own unique buttery mouthfeel. In taste-tests, it's tied with G7 Original as a... Learn more

  • Cold brew green unroasted coffee bean blends##2 pounds##

    Cold Brew - Iced Coffee Green Bean Blends -SALE

    $18.70 $14.70

    Just in time for summer! Nowhere else in America can you find pre-blended green unroasted bean blends for perfect cold brewing. Two stunning blends with very different profiles to fit your mood of the day. Catimor Cold... Learn more

  • Nicaragua Matagalpa green unroasted coffee beans##10 pounds green, unroasted beans -amazing sale!##

    Nicaragua Matagalpa Catimor (Arabica) Green Unroasted Beans, 10 pounds

    $78.00 $59.00

    Home Roaster Special! Ideal for cold brewing after roasting. Mercedes Farm is located at an elevation of ~3600 feet, in Peñas Blancas within the Isabelia Range, a protected forest area. Lush green forests surround the... Learn more

  • Costa Rica Tarrazu Villalobos##for 4 ounce bag##

    Costa Rica Villalobos Cascara Coffee Fruit - "Try it" Special

    $7.95 $5.00

    When we fell in love with "cascara", or brewable coffee fruit, it was in the fields of our Costa Rica farmer at Down to Earth Farms in Dota, Tarrazu. Sampling the coffee fruit cherries right off the trees... yellow fruited... Learn more

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Costa Rica's Dota Tarrazu Region

"Tarrazu", like Champagne, is a restricted term that can only apply to the highly-prized coffees grown in one small mountainous region. With your help and ours, our Tarrazu coffee farmer is expanding his farm to the great benefit of the local people, the environment, and the coffee species. Learn more and browse our Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees here.

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