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June Summer Coffee Flash Sale has ended. Watch this page for new specials and products.

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Watch a demo of our easy new cold brew pouches here:

These items are NOT available in wholesale quantities. We reserve the right to limit quantities on all items.

  • Cold Brew Coffee Kit##for 4 coffees and brewing bottle!##

    Cold Brew Kit: 4 coffees and a 32 oz Brewing Bottle

    $15.00 $12.95

    The easiest cold brew kit on the planet, with the best coffee too! Two minutes is all it takes to slip a couple of filter pouches into our durable, reusable Mason Jar and brew up excellent cold brew coffee in just a few... Learn more

  • Summer Breeze Quintessential Cold Brew ##for 8 ounces, ground##

    Summer Breeze Quintessential Cold Brew

    $8.25 $7.50

    It hit 86 degrees in Boston, and the Summer Breeze is back! Len's daughter Melanie (our webmaster) and her husband are huge cold brew fans. Her relentless search for the best cold brew coffees has led to a definitive... Learn more

  • African Coffee Master Blend ##for 8 ounces - sale!##

    Out of Africa, Blended Arabicas - Uganda, Kenya

    $8.95 $6.00

    A huge hit in recent sales! We've roasted new batches five times already and will carry it until we run out of the beans. A perfect blend of high-altitude Arabicas from the birthplace of coffee... This is a Master Roast... Learn more

  • Brio Hazelnult Latte Instant Coffee ##for 10 servings##

    Brio Hazelnut Latte, Gourmet Instant Coffee (10 sachets)

    $6.95 $5.00

    Brio Gourmet Instant Coffee mixes have been made by Indochine Estates, the source for our finest Vietnamese green coffee beans that we use in our Dalat Blend and other roasted coffees. Indochine Estates has closed its... Learn more

  • Costa Rica Tarrazu Villalobos##for 4 ounce bag##

    Costa Rica Villalobos Cascara Coffee Fruit - "Try it" Special, with 4 brew bags

    $7.50 $4.00

    When we fell in love with "cascara", or brewable coffee fruit, it was in the fields of our Costa Rica farmer at Down to Earth Farms in Dota, Tarrazu. Sampling the coffee fruit cherries right off the trees... yellow fruited... Learn more

  • Burlap green coffee sacks##or get 5 for only $30!##

    Coffee Sacks, Burlap

    $12.00 $9.00

    Coffee decor for decorating your home or coffee shop. These are the actual sacks we get our beans in. Most are natural fiber burlap, some are a mix of burlap and synthetic thread. We have so many customers asking for these... Learn more

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Brazil's Poços de Caldas

There is no other terroir in the world similar to the unique microclimate of Poços de Caldas, which is angled perfectly toward the sun. Poços de Caldas receives sharply divided day and night periods that begin with early morning sun full-on till 4 pm. The soil is enriched by volcanic minerals and rainforest humus. Learn more and browse Brazilian Volcano Coffees here.

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