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  • Roast Chart with 7 swatches and designations

    Roast Level Chart - Your guide to roast levels

    $2.00 $0.00

    Ever notice that nobody agrees on the designations for roasting levels? Confused by "City++" and "Euro Roast" and all the crazy names? This simple color chart shows the popular roast levels from Blonde (Cinnamon) through... Learn more

  • Creative 1 ##for 3 bags##

    Trung Nguyen Creative 1 Ground and Bean - 3-Pack Sale

    $29.25 $24.25

    Trademark heirloom Vietnamese Robusta originally established in Vietnam in 1890 - 1922, made from select Culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) beans for richest flavor. Dark, strong, full-bodied and naturally sweet, can stand up... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Red Dragon Fruit Freeze Dried##2 oz and 4 oz bags available##

    Vietnamese Red Dragonfruit, Freeze-Dried Chips

    $6.00 $5.00

    Omigod these Dragonfruit Chips are delicious! We had to get them up on the web fast before our staff eats them all, lol. These are the Red variety (although their color might be better described as purple or fuschia), as... Learn more

  • Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix ##just add hot water for a delicious dark chocolate##

    Our Own Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix


    Our own gourmet instant Hot Dark Chocolate Mix! We worked on the perfect blend of 3 rich cocoas, including deep, dark Black Cocoa, to create a perfect Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix. All-natural ingredients - no thickeners,... Learn more

  • G7 Gourmet Instant Coffeemix Coffee ##$12 for 60 sachets - $20 for 120!##

    G7 3-in-1 Gourmet Instant Coffee, 20 sachets - 3-Pack Sale

    $19.20 $12.00

    The original and still the top seller! G7 was the first instant coffee to be extracted directly from the unroasted coffee bean, not from freeze-dried brewed coffee like American brands. It's been the top instant coffee in... Learn more

  • Vietnamese Lemon Dried Slices ##special trial pack; larger bag also on sale ##

    Vietnamese Lemon Slices, Dried

    $2.50 $2.00

    Here in the USA we are used to Lemons and Limes and Oranges. Heck, they are defined by their colors, right? Yellow, Green, Orange... But around the world there are many other "confused" citrus that don't know what they are... Learn more

  • Brazil Adrano Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted ##for 3lb ##

    Brazil Adrano Volcano Coffee, 3 lb green unroasted - Sale

    $26.00 $21.00

    Adrano is a 12-year award-winning, intense, complex coffee, and our highest-selling green bean for home roasting. We received a Golden Bean USA Bronze Medal in the espresso category for our entry using Adrano as the base... Learn more

  • Burlap green coffee sacks##or get 5 for only $25!##

    Coffee Sacks, Burlap

    $10.00 $7.00

    Coffee decor for decorating your home or coffee shop. These are the actual sacks we get our beans in. Most are natural fiber burlap, some are a mix of burlap and synthetic thread. We have so many customers asking for these... Learn more

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The Araku Valley of India

India's coffee tradition goes back 400 years or more, when a variety called Kent was first established in the Southern Hills. Arabicas predominated until the blight of 1870, when growers needed to hybridize to resistant varieties. The resultant strains had genes from Liberica and other unique, resistant species. Learn more and browse India's Araku Valley coffees here.

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