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Gourmet Instants: G7, Hot Chocolate

G7 gourmet instant coffeeWhat is gourmet instant coffee? Put simply, it's coffee that tastes as rich, full and satisfying as a brewed cup - in fact, we have plenty of customers who prefer these instants to any brewed coffee on taste alone, never mind the incredible convenience. G7 instant coffee is extracted directly from the coffee bean, which gives a better cup of coffee than conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals.

The Asian instant coffee market has dozens of fiercely competing coffees. The coffees that rise to the top are the very best, the creme de la creme of instant coffees, and we are proud to bring the top instant coffees in all of Asia here to the United States, including Trung Nguyen's G7, Indochine Estates, and Q-Cafe.

3-in-1 Coffee is the most popular kind of instant, because it contains a very good creamer as well as sweetener in perfect proportion. All our instant coffees contain NO ingredients from China. G7 Original and Q-Cafe 3-in-1's contain small amounts of casein, a milk derivative, and G7 Cappuccino and Brio Coffee and Chocolate mixes contain premium skim milk powder from New Zealand. If you have a milk or coconut allergy, we recommend G7 Pure Black coffee as the safest choice.

Important: 1 packet of G7 3-in-1 and Cappuccino makes ~6 ounces of coffee, 1 packet of G7 Black makes about 7-8 ounces, 1 packet of our Triple Dark Hot Chocolate and our Dragon Fruit Lime Nectar makes about an 8 ounce serving. If you want to make a big mug (typically 12 ounces or more), you may want to use more than one packet.

  • Dragonfruit and Lime Nectar ##for 4 packets##

    Dragonfruit Lime Nectar, Instant Drink Mix


    We're loving our Dragon Fruit and Lemon powders from Vietnam. And we found another fun way to enjoy them - they make an amazing, velvety iced drink that is super healthy and addictively delicious. The Vietnamese Lemon is... Learn more

  • Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix ##just add hot water for a delicious dark chocolate##

    Our Own Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix


    Our own gourmet instant Hot Dark Chocolate Mix! We worked on the perfect blend of 3 rich cocoas, including deep, dark Black Cocoa, to create a perfect Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix. All-natural ingredients - no thickeners,... Learn more

  • ##for 15 sachets##

    G7 Black Gourmet Instant Coffee


    Black G7 for those who prefer their coffee black, or simply prefer to add their own cream and/or sugar to their coffee. The G7 Black is also able to dissolve in cold water for an iced coffee. Our taste tests of over 40... Learn more

  • G7 Gourmet Instant Coffeemix Coffee ##for 20 sachets (other sizes available)##

    G7 3-in-1 Gourmet Instant Coffee


    The original and still the top seller! G7 was the first instant coffee to be extracted directly from the unroasted coffee bean, not from freeze-dried brewed coffee like American brands. It's been the top instant coffee in... Learn more

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