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Len's Coffee®

About Us

Len’s Coffee is a creation of the family that has operated coffee websites since 2005. It is our new website devoted to home roasters and small commercial roasters because we wanted a full site that simply focuses on green beans and roasting.

We us the name Len’s Coffee because we want our customers to know that this a site born of personal passion for coffee, and supported by the highest and most critical quality standards in the world.

I’m Len, and if my name goes on the coffee, you know several things:

  1. It is purchased direct from the farmer or the farmer’s “advocate”, such as our Guatemalan coffee that is imported by El Voyage, a not-for-profit group that works with farmers and craftspeople to enable them to reach the higher-paying markets of the USA.
  2. The farmer received all the profits from the purchase. That’s 100%, which means he is not trying to subsist on 10 cents per pound profit after selling to his local coop or collective, but getting up to $2 per pound profit so that he can support his family and workers in a decent lifestyle that we are proud to support.
  3. The coffee is not on our site because we galivanted around the globe visiting farmers, which is lots of fun, but necessitates that you bring back stock from any farm showing you the courtesy of putting you up for days while you look at their coffee. What happens if the coffee is not the absolute best? You buy it anyway and try to sell it. That doesn’t happen here. The coffee comes first. If it meets our standards, then we visit the farm.
  4. You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us know if anything is not up to your satisfaction and we will try to make you happy.

What you see on our site is the coffees we have selected from around the world that are, quite simply, the Best of the Best of the Best. That is, the best coffee from the best farm in the best growing region of the country or province. You may not love every coffee here, because everybody has a different palate and preference, but you will always see the fine quality and taste in each coffee. There are no second-bests here.

We are also the ONLY seller in the country that offers beans from ALL FOUR REMAINING COMMERCIAL SPECIES of coffee. There are four species, although American marketing brainwashing will try to tell you that there is only one good species, Arabica. Here you can find high-altitude, ripe-picked selections from all four commercial species, with a lot of great information about them. We actively support the preservation of the full coffee genome, which we feel is critical for coffee to survive the future stresses of global climate change and other challenges. We are also the only green bean site that offers pre-mixed, tried-and-true best-selling blends like our Jerome Street Blend and Dalat Blend.

We try to make this site a learning experience as well as the best place to buy coffee for home roasting and small commercial operators. And we are always excited to learn something new, so please share your knowledge and experience with us!

Think of yourself as a member of a club here, the club of happy home roasters who know that every sip of coffee they enjoy is helping to bring balance and fairness to the world and preserve the full coffee genome for future generations. Enjoy!


(See our new Facebook page featuring information about roasted coffee and home roasting green coffee: )

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