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Commercial Coffee

Len's Coffee is served in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes all across the USA, even in the Caribbean. We have specifically designed blends for celebrity chefs and Michelin-rated restaurants. We have almost two decades of experience working with customers in hospitality and restaurant venues to distinguish their coffee offerings for two goals: To provide unique offerings not available at their competitor's venues and give them coffees so extraordinary and delicious customers will return to their locations simply because they loved the coffee so much. 

If you don't have customers posting reviews of your establishment saying, "Go there for the coffee!', then you have a beverage offering that is not pulling its weight and contributing enough to your bottom line. In this current economic climate, you need to exploit every avenue of revenue, and coffee and coffee specialty drinks are a great revenue source that you may not be experiencing. (more info below)

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We have 4 espresso bases for different approaches and specialties, although these can be overlapped if desired by changing the extraction/dilution. For simplicity, some restaurants purchase only one of these and adapt their recipes to work with all their offerings.

Saigon Espresso #1

This is a bold, Arabica-based espresso to use mostly in specialty drinks like Egg Coffee, lattes, espresso martinis, etc. Our special formula creates a coffee that is about 1.5x the density of flavor of other espressos, to carry strongly through dilution of milk, egg, foams and alcohol. This is often the choice for one-coffee-for-all offerings because you can always reduce strength in a bold espresso... but it's harder to enhance strength easily in a milder espresso.

Saigon Espresso #2

This is a stand-alone espresso with a unique taste profile that is great for serving straight up as a sipping or dessert espresso. It is milder than Espresso #! due to its diverse coffee formula including Robusta and Catimor.

Prince Street Affogato

An Italian-style espresso designed for cafes and bakeries. a perfect complement to baked goods or after-meal enjoyment as a sipping espresso.

Chiapas Magico

Custom-designed for a celebrity-chef restaurant with Southwestern cuisine, this bold and balanced espresso can work as the base for specialty drinks and lattes or just straight up as an accompaniment to meals to enjoyed as an after-meal treat.


With our background of importing Vietnam's top brands of coffee since 2005, we have several options for shops wanting to serve Vietnamese coffee in many formats. The restaurants and cafes we serve seem to have an endless variety of ways to brew and serve Vietnamese coffee... some prepare it in individual Phins that they bring to the table, while some pre-drip large volumes using extra-large Phins and transfer the coffee to refrigerator bottles or air pots. Some do cold brew overnight in large bottles or barrels. Whatever your brewing method, we have the perfect coffee for you. 

Vietnamese Peaberry Robusta

The world has discovered Robusta, and nowhere in the world do they grow better specialty grade Robusta than Vietnam, where fields of coffee trees were first established by French Jesuit missionaries in the period of 1890 - 1922. These line-bred varieties have been carefully selected and nurtured for decades. Peaberry Robusta grown at relatively high altitudes are a key ingredient in world-class Italian espressos. And on its own, Peaberry Robusta is especially delicious when roasted at two temperatures to artfully combine tit's best attributes and chocolatey taste profile.

Dalat Blend

Our artisinal blending of Bourbon Arabica, Catimor and Peaberry Robusta gives you a base house coffee that is guaranteed to be unique in your market area.

Dark & Stormy

Our best-selling Dark Roast was designed as a crowd-pleasing choice for offices. In our own take-out coffee shop we saw how popular this blend became both as a hot coffee and iced cold brew. This ultimate Dark Roast option is actually a blend of three origins at different roast temperatures.

Central American Blend

This coffee was designed specifically for restaurants. Nobody will replace this fine blend with Folgers, lol. It's the ultimate house coffee for serving with meals or afterwards with dessert. A Medium Roast with great body and broad palate appeal.


There is no greater void in the beverage options of most fine restaurants and cafes than an extraordinary decaf that will satisfy customers as well as any fine coffee. Our stunning decafs have all been focus-group tested against the best non-decaf competition we could find, and if our tasters could pick out which coffee was decaf, it did not pass. A truly amazing decaf is your secret add-on revenue stream. If you position these decafs right and promote them, you will pocket the result. 

Saigon Decaf

Available for drip coffee and espresso, this warm, chocolatey blend will build repeat customers and sell new ones with the novelty and attraction of truly delicious decaf in enticing presentations.

Chiapas Magico Decaf

A water-process version of our Chiapas Magico Espresso, this blend balances competing notes of citrus, caramel and chocolate in a unique dance that ripens in the cup and on the palate.

"Our Best American" Decaf 

A blend of Central American decaf coffees that is mellow, rich and satisfying. We guarantee there is no finer decaf coffee to offer your customers who will appreciate that they can enjoy an evening cup with no compromises in gourmet taste.


More Information:

Typically, shops that are primarily coffee-oriented and have a local or regional customer base will experience a 20% - 100% growth in return patronage by adopting our coffee offerings. Our clients who are in the resort, travel or business space are not trying to build daily business, but we can tailor offerings that make sure travelers and visitors actively purchase coffee during their stay, raising the ticket value of their purchase. In many cases, this is done using extraordinary decaf offerings, from Vietnamese coffee to coffee martinis... because many venues cater to evening meals and customers are often reluctant to purchase coffee-based drinks because of the caffeine.

We are specialists in tailoring three types of coffees for maximum sales and customer satisfaction... house coffee, espresso-based offerings and fabulous decaf offerings that will have customers wondering why the coffee tastes soooo good...they may ask, "Are you sure this is decaf??"

Start offering coffees that will definitely increase your revenue, bring rave reviews, and build repeat customers where applicable.

We've made it easy. Our starter kits offer our best coffee solutions for right out of the gate, with advice and recipes and more. But if you're unsure where to begin, call us at 781-391-2255 and we'll help you establish the perfect coffee program for your needs! And we can private -abel your coffee in retail bags with your own logo and names, for customers who want to take their fine coffee experience home for brewing.

Below is a full list of all the items in all the sub-categories. This is useful if you want to browse everything, but you might find it easier to select one of the sub-categories above.

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