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Nicaragua & Honduras

Mercedes Farm

Mercedes Farm is located at an elevation of ~3600 feet, in Peñas Blancas within the Isabelia Range, a protected forest area. Lushly green forests surround the coffee trees, and large hardwood trees provide shade and animal habitat throughout the farm. Several beautiful streams flow through the farm and provide natural irrigation, helping to contribute to the plump sweetness of the juicy-ripe beans.

In 2015-2016, the dreaded Coffee Rust (La Rolla) devastated all their coffee trees... except for the Catimor trees, an heirloom variety resistant to the Rust. Catimor had been long overlooked, since the big coffee consortiums aren't interested in buying anything except basic Arabica, but it's an integral part of local coffee cuisine both in Nicaragua and Vietnam. We are so glad farmer Lorena came to us with her Catimor--it is amazing! Help us support this heirloom variety of coffee and together we'll help Lorena rebuild her farm.


El Recreo farmhouse Baby Arabica seedlings at El Recreo farm in Nicaragua El Recreo Nicaraguan coffee cherries

  • Mocharagua Half-Caff Blend##for 8 ounces##

    Mocharagua Half-Caff


    One of our most popular blends, this warm, chocolatey natural blend of Central American coffees and Vietnamese Robusta has all the taste of a normal caffeine coffee. Hot, Iced or steeped as Cold Brew, this crowd-pleasing... Learn more

  • Nicaragua La Bastilla Estate Geisha Blend ##for 8 ounces##

    La Bastilla Estate Geisha Blend - Sale

    $11.95 $9.95

    La Bastilla Coffee Estate, located in the north-east region of Jinotega, Nicaragua, is renowned for its coffee and produces more than 150 microlots on land surrounded by the natural reserve Cerro Datanli El Diablo. Finca La... Learn more

  • Honduras Rainforest Blend ##for 8 ounces##

    Honduras Rain Forest Arabica Blend

    $8.95 $7.50

    Our newest coffee comes from Siguatepeque, Honduras, and is grown at high altitudes (up to 4500') in a rainforest region surrounded by Conservation lands. This blend of Arabicas is produced from lots collected from 12 farms... Learn more

  • Mocharagua Chocolatey Coffee ##for 8oz##


    $8.25 $6.00

    Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you guys agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! Hence the Mocharagua coffee. It's mostly Nicaraguan Arabica,... Learn more

  • Nicaragua Matagalpa Catimore Arabica ##for 8oz##

    Nicaragua Catimor (Matagalpa Region Arabica)


    Our best single-origin coffee for cold brew and iced coffee takes on new roles in colder weather, when the Limoncello is a top-selling coffee for espresso and specialty drinks, and the Harlequin Roast pairs well with holiday... Learn more

  • Mocharagua Chocolatey Coffee ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Mocharagua, green unroasted, premixed


    Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you folks agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! Many of the beans we sourced were chosen because they have... Learn more

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The Araku Valley of India

India's coffee tradition goes back 400 years or more, when a variety called Kent was first established in the Southern Hills. Arabicas predominated until the blight of 1870, when growers needed to hybridize to resistant varieties. The resultant strains had genes from Liberica and other unique, resistant species. Learn more and browse India's Araku Valley coffees here.

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