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Caffeine Levels

Caffeine levels vary significantly from coffee to coffee. Two coffees might both taste good and strong, but one could have literally three times as much caffeine as the other!

Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine need to know the details of what they are drinking in order to have a comfortable coffee-drinking experience. To that end, we have made the caffeine comparison chart below. Hope this is helpful!

IMPORTANT: All these values are approximations, based on coffee species and altitude.
We recommend using these numbers as a way to compare one coffee to another, not a mathematical guarantee.

Coffees Sorted by Brand and Name:

All numbers are milligrams per 8 ounce serving.

Trung Nguyen Coffees

Buon Me Thuot Special: 130 mg
Creative 1: 150 mg
Creative 2: 120 mg
Creative 3: 70 mg
Creative 4: 120 mg
Creative 5: 80 mg
Gourmet Blend: 120 mg
Legendee: 100 mg
Passiona (now discontinued) was 40 mg for 6 ounces
Premium Blend: 120 mg

Our Own Fresh Roasted Coffees

Bantai Robusta: 140 mg
Costa Rican Estate: 60 mg
Costa Rican Region: 70 mg
Dalat Bourbon Arabica: 80 mg
Dalat Paradise Blend: 120 mg
Dalat Peaberry Robusta: 150 mg
Excelsa: 60 mg
Hacienda San Pedro: 90 mg
Jerome Street Blend: 90 mg
Jump Start: 120 mg
Lenberica: 80 mg
Liberica: 70 mg
Myanmar Arabica: 90 mg
Prince Street Blend: 120 mg
Sumatra Lintong: 80 mg
Sumatra Gayo: 80 mg

Indochine Coffees

Gold Blend: 120 mg
D'Annam Espresso: 130 mg
Indochine Dark: 80 mg
Le Marais French Roast: 70 mg
Sun Blend: 140 mg

Highlands Coffees

Heritage: 150 mg
Moka: 100 mg
Traditional: 130 mg

Coffees Sorted by Caffeine Content:

All numbers are milligrams per 8 ounce serving.

Creative 1 (Trung Nguyen): 150 mg
Dalat Peaberry Robusta (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 150 mg
Heritage Blend (Highlands Coffees): 150 mg
Bantai Robusta (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 140 mg
Sun Blend (Indochine Estate): 140 mg
Buon Me Thuot Special (Trung Nguyen): 130 mg
D'Annam Espresso (Indochine Estate): 130 mg
Traditional Blend (Highlands Coffees): 130 mg
Creative 2 (Trung Nguyen): 120 mg
Creative 4 (Trung Nguyen): 120 mg
Dalat Paradise Blend (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 120 mg
Gold Blend (Indochine Estate): 120 mg
Gourmet Blend (Trung Nguyen): 120 mg
Jump Start (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 120 mg
Premium Blend (Trung Nguyen): 120 mg
Prince Street Blend (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 120 mg
Legendee (Trung Nguyen): 100 mg
Moka (Highlands Coffees): 100 mg
Hacienda San Pedro (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 90 mg
Jerome Street Blend (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 90 mg
Myanmar Arabica (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 90 mg
Creative 5 (Trung Nguyen): 80 mg
Dalat Bourbon Arabica (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 80 mg
Indochine Dark (Indochine Estate): 80 mg
Lenberica (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 80 mg
Sumatra Gayo (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 80 mg
Sumatra Lintong (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 80 mg
Costa Rican Region (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 70 mg
Creative 3 (Trung Nguyen): 70 mg
Le Marais French Roast (Indochine Estate): 70 mg
Liberica (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 70 mg
Costa Rican Estate (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 60 mg
Excelsa (Heirloom Coffee, LLC): 60 mg
Passiona (Trung Nguyen) was 40 mg for 6 ounces (now discontinued)

Non-coffee items:

All are per 8 ounces. This is to make it easier for you to compare this to the coffees.

Black tea: Averages 45 mg
Green tea: Averages 30 mg
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper: 23 mg
Mountain Dew: 33 mg
Red Bull: 80 mg
5-Hour Energy: 800 mg (bear in mind, though, that the recommended serving is 2 ounces, not 8)
Hot Chocolate made with 2 tbsp cocoa powder: 16 mg
And, just for fun, here's how much caffeine is in a 1 ounce bar of dark chocolate: 22 mg

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