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JAZ Improv Coffees

When we create a JAZ coffee, we might roast it 2 or 3 times depending on demand, and then we go on to new and exciting coffee ideas. The JAZ Improv coffees are intended to be like plein air or sand paintings - 1 ups - and when they are gone, they are gone. However, some of these creations got such a great response from our customers we made them permanent additions. Some are only produced seasonally, like Waikiki Sunrise.

While we have traditionally offered these labors of love for the low price of $5 because we just like to share our creativity, recent cost increases on mundane things like the coffee bags, labels and tin ties, have gone up 60% or more. So unless we are running a featured sale, JAZ coffees will now typically be offered at $7.

JAZ Improv Coffees typically combine coffee with natural spices and extracts - in the spirit, say, of Mulled Cider or Sangria. The coffees used in these blends have natural tones that we may accent or complement with cocoa, vanilla, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange extract and blossom water, and even natural foods like pumpkin powder! Each JAZ coffee has a theme, like matching historic coffee blends from the region of the "Pirate Utopia" with spices and fruit extracts from that region to historically create what might have been "Pirate Coffee" (Long Live Libertalia!). 

We like to develop these in series... the Pirate Series, Travel Series, Dessert Series, etc. All ingredients are simple and natural with absolutely nothing artificial. We hope you will enjoy drinking them as much as we did designing them!

  • JAZ Improv : Panda Blend coffee from the Poços de Caldas region of Brazil ##for 8 ounces##

    JAZ Improv : Panda Blend

    $8.25 $7.00

    We can all use a hug. Panda Blend hugs your tastebuds with rich, warm natural-process beans from Andradas, a small town in the Poços de Caldas volcanic caldera that is world-renowned for its health-giving soil... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv Coffee : Mexican Mocha ##8 ounces, ground or whole bean##

    JAZ Improv : Traveler Series : Mexican Mocha

    $8.50 $7.00

    This is a ton of fun in a cup! A real comfort coffee, with genuine Mexican Ceylon (sweet) cinnamon and mocha flavors. The base is the inimitable Rancho Feliz Arabica in Harlequin Roast. One of our top-selling JAZ Improv... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv coffee Blueberry Crisp ##for 8 ounces##

    JAZ Improv : Dessert Series : Blueberry Crisp

    $8.50 $7.00

    Back for the Fall! Drink your Blueberry Crisp! In the vein of our Black Forest Blend, we have taken inspiration from another classic dessert to bring you Blueberry Crisp. The base of this blend is our blueberry-note Ethiopia... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv : Pirate Series Coffee : Release the Kraken! ##8 ounces##

    JAZ Improv: Pirate Series : Release the Kraken!

    $8.50 $7.00

    The perfect coffee to prepare you to pillage and plunder! High in caffeine and long on rich, back-palate satisfaction. Release the Kraken has a multi-temperature (Harlequin) roast of our new India Robusta with a little... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv Coffee : Long Live Libertalia! ##for 8 ounces, ground or whole bean##

    JAZ Improv Coffee : Pirate Series : Long Live Libertalia!

    $8.95 $7.00

    Sailing once more around the Horn, Libertalia returns! The persistence of the Pirate Utopia legend places this semi-mythical paradise on the island of St. Marie, close to the birthplace of coffee in the Madagascar / Reunion... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv Traveler Series Coffee : Black Forest Blend##for 8 ounces, ground or whole bean##

    JAZ Improv : Traveler Series - Black Forest Blend

    $8.95 $7.00

    This is a go-to comfort coffee with the warmth of chocolate and cherry. A perfect dessert coffee when you want something dark, delicious, and totally unique! The base is our chocolatey Deep Forest Roast St. Domingos beans... Learn more

  • ##for 8 oz, drip grind or whole bean##

    Waikiki Sunrise - Seasonal Summer Brew


    4th of July is coming, when our family celebrates with iced Waikiki Sunrise! Len hand-crafted this perky and lovable summer brew from fragrant, rich coffee and a hint of pineapple. He says he did it "Because somebody had to... Learn more

  • Pumpkin Pie Coffee, all natural pumpkin and spices ##for 8oz##

    JAZ Improv : Dessert Series : Pumpkin Pie Coffee

    $8.95 $7.00

    It's officially Fall! Pumpkin Pie Coffee is back, and we're so happy we can offer it again now that it is no long 100° outside (good enough for us)! We freely admit to having a serious weakness for autumn baking. Pie,... Learn more

  • JAZ Improv Coffee : Traveler Series : Morocco##8 ounces, available in Espresso Grind and Whole Bean##

    JAZ Improv Coffee : Traveler Series : Marrakesh Espress(o)

    $8.95 $7.00

    Morocco - home of unique cuisine, spices and most everything delicious! Len was enamored with the Moroccan Espresso served to him at the Marrakesh Express coffee shop many years ago, and managed to wheedle the recipe out of... Learn more

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