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JAZ Improv : Panda Blend

We can all use a hug. Panda Blend hugs your tastebuds with rich, warm natural-process beans from Andradas, a small town in the Poços de Caldas volcanic caldera that is world-renowned for its health-giving soil and healing hot springs.

Alcides Jorge Fossa is a second-generation Italian coffee grower who has cultivated some of the finest microlots in the Sitio Pinhalzinho farming community of Andradas since 1984. We have purchased a sizable quantity of his harvest and have spent over a week perfecting the optimal roast points and combinations that go into this Harlequin Roast coffee.

This Direct Trade coffee is grown in tracts of coffee trees nestled between hundreds of acres of conservation land.

Rich, buttery, smooth, and low in acid, this is a great coffee to sip while enjoying a bakery treat or after-dinner relaxing cuppa. Huggable Panda is the quintessential comfort coffee!

Choose 8 ounce bag in whole bean or drip grind.

$8.25 $7.00
(You save $1.25)
Limit 6 per order, please!

Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review I really should order more now . . .

    . . . before it runs out.

    Having discovered Len last year, I've tried seven different blends/roasts so far and none have disappointed. This one is definitely the best and really remarkable among coffees! Great flavor, very smooth and buttery and low acid. I usually notice something about the roast, but in this case it's almost like I'm tasting pure coffee beans! If you like a really balanced and rich roast, this is one of the best ever.

    Posted by on Dec 6th 2023

  2. 5 Star Review Yummy!

    I brew a pot of this often. My daughter will drink it with me. We both love the fact that how it’s so full bodied , but it’s enhanced by a pleasant buttery taste. Its the panda experience! And what I like about it , is you don’t need any creamer with it , although she’s requiring a little bit of Vanilla bean creamer which I guess I’ll allow. I tried it once with vanilla bean creamer and you still taste the buttery panda flavor so it’s OK for me , but this stuff is fantastic. No need for a creamer. Good for daily

    coffee or good enough to serve the company for an after dinner treat . Definitely versatile and top shelf. 5 stars all the way.

    Posted by on Nov 15th 2023

  3. 5 Star Review One of many

    Super nice...
    I picked up five of Len's give it a try special coffee and I am happy I did.
    Smell the ground beans...
    Brew the coffee and smell it as it brews.

    I am lucky and have a coffee roaster in my local area and a friend said I should try Len's. I am glad I did. If you do not have a local roaster click on Len's. If your local roaster needs a challenge order some from Len's. Support your local roaster and also treat yourself to quality variety.
    I am glad I did.
    Friends share beans with each other here from time to time. This one was worth sharing.

    Posted by on Apr 20th 2022

  4. 5 Star Review Rich and smooth

    One of the best coffees I have ever consumed. Repeat orders for sure.

    Posted by on Nov 22nd 2021

  5. 5 Star Review I’m in trouble.

    I truly don’t know exactly how to describe this coffee other than to say it ticks all of the boxes. If Len’s ever runs out of this coffee, I will be inconsolable, I absolutely love it and find myself looking forward to having it each time I brew it. I’ve never tasted a coffee like this one. I’m about to order it for the 3rd time.

    Posted by on Apr 2nd 2021

  6. 5 Star Review A Great Blend!!

    A great blend, very tasty and mellow.

    Posted by on Jan 29th 2021

  7. 5 Star Review Great flavor

    So good, weplaced second order

    Posted by on Dec 9th 2020

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