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Saigon Market Blend

Inspired by Trung Nguyen's Creative 2 Arabica Robusta, Saigon Market Blend is created using our best Arabica and Dalat peaberry Robusta beans, with the quintessential butter roast and chocolate flavor profile of Vietnam's popular 50/50 Arabica/Robusta blend coffee.

We've gone a step further and blended two award-winning Arabicas at different roast points and likewise our Dalat Highland Robusta also at two roast points, for coffee that appeals to all palates and has a little broader taste profile than the Trung Nguyen original. As with all our Saigon Blends, we have extensively taste-tested this coffee with Creative 2 and found our customers had a hard time distinguishing in blind tests which coffee was ours... and generally had a slight preference for our Market Blend to take home when given the choice.

Affordable, delicious hot or iced, the Saigon Market Blend is dry roasted, meaning less trouble with whole beans in auto-grind machines and espresso than the Trung Nguyen oilier formula. The pre-ground version is adjusted for perfect flow in the Phin filter and works well in coffee presses or drip machines. This coffee has quickly been adopted by many of our Vietnamese restaurants and cafés.

8 oz, please select whole bean or drip grind. All natural, vegan.


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  1. 5 Star Review Makes great espresso

    We have a high-end espresso machine. The Saigon Market Blend makes awesome espresso with great crema.

    Posted by on May 1st 2024

  2. 5 Star Review Delicious blend

    When made with a Phin, it is very strong and flavorful, with a bold chocolate and hazelnut flavor. It goes very well with condensed milk on ice. Very enjoyable blend!

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2022

  3. 5 Star Review Great blend for every day

    This blend was featured when I first ordered it and the description of the different beans involved made me eager to try it. I expected it to be a good blend and it turned out to be a GREAT blend! I could drink this every day (and I did, until I used up the 2 lbs that I ordered).

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2021

  4. 5 Star Review Our daily choice

    We have explored dozens of coffees, on this site and elsewhere, and we keep coming back to this one. It's smooth, rich, and has no sour or 'green' notes. I could drink it forever.

    Posted by on Mar 1st 2021

  5. 5 Star Review Fantastic coffee

    Chocolatey, bold, and satisfying!

    Posted by on May 30th 2019

  6. 4 Star Review Saigon Blend

    Lovely brew. Bringing some of the fine beans of Vietnam.

    Posted by on Dec 9th 2018

  7. 5 Star Review Love this Coffee

    I've been drinking Vietnamese coffee for several months and have yet to find one I don't like. This particular type has a very rich flavor and a good caffeine kick.

    Posted by on Dec 8th 2018

  8. 4 Star Review As a blender

    I blend Truong Lam with another coffee to cut the “sweetness “ a little. The Saigon Market Blend makes it great as a blender but is also good as a stand alone coffee.

    Posted by on Oct 22nd 2018

  9. 5 Star Review So good that I got confused

    My wife and I have been Trung Nguyen #2 fans for many years. When we went to Len’s to order more, we discovered that they were out-of-stock on whole beans. We sent Len an email asking him “what should we do? Our Miele machine can’t handle ground coffee.”

    Len recommended Saigon Market Blend as an alternative. We told him we would give it a try.

    Before ordering, we first checked our "stash," so we could order just the right amount. Then, we discovered - not only do we have a bag of Len’s SMB in reserve, but our Miele machine is running that very bean right now (my wife filled it without my knowing).

    So...for at least the past week or so, I've been drinking Len’s SMB all the while thinking it was TN#2.

    I'm convinced. If you like TN#2, you will LOVE Len’s SMB.

    Posted by on Oct 1st 2018

  10. 5 Star Review I Love This

    Len has done a great job of recreating the great Vietnamese coffees. Congratulations!

    Posted by on Apr 1st 2018

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next

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