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Saigon Gold Master Blend

Yes, we dared! After a year of R&D and experimentation we released our own flagship Vietnamese-roast-style coffee! Chocolatey, buttery, smooth, low-in-acid profile with excellent persistence. This is a masterful blend of 4 bean origins at 2 different roast levels with a tiny amount of organic flavor extracts to simulate the civet coffee profile that made Vietnam famous.

Arabicas, signature peaberry Robusta from the Vietnamese highlands, and Vietnamese Excelsa all combine to create this complex and coffee that is wonderfully comforting hot but explodes in flavor when iced. Fabulous as espresso also. We roast this coffee every two weeks... it always sells out! Several USA beer breweries use this coffee in their "Civet coffee beer" because it delivers a taste profile as smooth as Kopi Luwak.

8 ounce bag. Available in whole bean and ground. Please select drip grind or bean below. Our artisanal Harlequin Roast with different temperatures and 4 different species of coffee works perfectly in drip machines, press and Phins. The whole bean version does not clog auto-grinder brewing machines like the TN whole bean does.

Caffeine level: Medium-High (approximately 130 mg per serving)



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  1. 5 Star Review Good as Gold

    A little pricy but one of the best I ever got from Lens

    Posted by on Mar 23rd 2023

  2. 5 Star Review My go to treat

    At the end of our regular coffee bag or two, it is a real treat to switch to Saigon Gold. Just often enough to truly enjoy the interlude.

    Posted by on Mar 8th 2023

  3. 5 Star Review Delicious

    The Saigon Gold is delicious, deep, rich, chocolatey flavor. I usually drink Trung Nguyen Creative 5, and the Gold fulfilled my yen for excellent coffee while the 5 is unavailable.

    Posted by on Aug 3rd 2022

  4. 5 Star Review The best coffee ever!

    We have become addicted to this blend and we only share with “true” coffee lovers. Starting my day with a cup of this gold is bliss. Len created a blend that is truly a gold.

    Posted by on Feb 25th 2022

  5. 5 Star Review Maybe the best coffee I’ve ever had

    Really fantastic cup of coffee; Well-blended and super interesting. I will absolutely be ordering this again. I don’t want to hype it up too much because I want it to be available but man I loved this roast.

    Posted by on Nov 26th 2021

  6. 5 Star Review My Go- To Favorite

    This is one of my favorite coffees! I just wish it was a little cheaper. I have to save it for my treat coffee.

    Posted by on Jul 23rd 2021

  7. 5 Star Review Awesome!

    This is my first time trying this coffee and it is totally awesome! Very happy with it ! will be buying it again!

    Posted by on Jun 29th 2021

  8. 5 Star Review Robusta is the answer!

    I’ve been looking for that strong, rich coffee that doesn’t taste sour or make my condensed milk taste watery and this Robusta is it!

    Posted by on Jan 27th 2021

  9. 5 Star Review Great flavor blend!

    My fiancé and I absolutely love this coffee! The taste profile is very unique and delicious, sweet almost with hints of hazelnut and butterscotch it seemed like. Will definitely be ordering more soon!

    Posted by on Nov 24th 2019

  10. 4 Star Review Huge fan of Sang Tao 8 and this comes close

    We love starting our day with Sang Tao 8 and were interested in trying this as a alternative. I enjoy it hot as much as I enjoy Sang Tao 8 hot however cold I prefer the Sang Tao 8. However, I am not sure that the difference in taste is so much I won't continue to enjoy the cheaper cost of Saigon Master's Blend.

    Posted by on Jul 13th 2019

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next

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