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Saigon Blend DeCaf

We are the only coffee merchants in the USA to offer full DeCaf coffee with premium high-altitude Robusta from Dalat, Vietnam. This is an extraordinary combination of Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta decaf beans in a medium-dark roast, with the signature chocolatey, buttery taste profile of Cafe Sua Da.

Sourced through our partners in Dalat, these beans are premium quality, 100% direct trade, all-ripe beans with a smooth, low acidity. Our taste testers really could not determine which samples were decaf!

8 ounce bags, please choose drip grind or whole bean. The drip grind is perfectly sized for Phin and French Press Brewing, and works well in drip machines. 98% caffeine-free.


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  1. 5 Star Review Mornings are great again with Saigon Blend Decaf!

    I love the flavor and strength of this decaf. Who knew I would once again enjoy coffee when I gave up caffeine? This is a delicious blend that does not take a back seat to caffeinated coffees.

    Posted by on Nov 3rd 2018

  2. 5 Star Review No Caffeine!

    I imagined (since I do in fact drink caffeinated coffee) that decaf would be terrible. I LIKE not having coffee jitters and look forward to my espressos each morning.

    Posted by on Jul 1st 2018

  3. 5 Star Review Life is good with SaigonBlend Decaf!

    I recently had to give up caffeine and despaired that I could no longer enjoy Vietnamese coffee. But life is good again because the Saigon Blend Decaf is really delicious, smooth and rich. It makes my mornings happy again!

    Posted by on Mar 7th 2018

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