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Saigon Espresso #1 DeCaf - NEW!

We were commissioned by a resort restaurant to create a DeCaf version of our "power" espresso developed for cafés and coffee shops. It was so well received we are making it a standing product on the website. On sale for $2 off!

When we became the authorized distributors of Trung Nguyen coffees in 2005, Trung Nguyen produced two excellent espressos in a uniquely Vietnamese bean blend, the Espresso #1 and Espresso #2 in whole bean only. They were drier than the Creative coffees and ground well and extracted beautifully, with high levels of crema and body. The persistence and broad palate appeal comes from the blend of three beans - Arabica, Robusta and Catimor. The Espressos #1 and #2 were discontinued by Trung Nguyen in 2009 and we pined for them for years... but we pine no more!

The Espresso #1 was our main seller to coffee shops, who looked for a primarily Arabica blend and needed a stronger, sharper profile to carry through when being used in drinks with a lot dairy and sugar. By last year, the demand for this blend had increased to where we said, "Hey, why not?" (We say that a lot...) For the DeCaf version, we perform 3 roasts of temperatures from City through Dark. Notes: chocolate, whiskey and caramel.

We will sell it only in whole bean, as most customers prefer to make their own grind or have auto-grinds built into their espresso machines. Select 8-ounce or 1-lb. bags.

Whole bean only.


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  1. 5 Star Review super decaf!

    for years I stopped drinking Vietnamese coffee in restaurants because of caffeine. I missed those coffees terribly. I was so pleased to find this coffee online, so much so that when I drink up my 8 ounces, I will be ordering more. It has that wonderful hit that you can only get with a blend of arabica and robusta beans. Well done, Len!

    Posted by on Feb 5th 2024

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