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Saigon Espresso #2

When we became the authorized distributors of Trung Nguyen coffees in 2005, one of our favorite blends was the Espresso #2 whole bean blend. It was drier than the Creative coffees and  ground well and extracted beautifully, with high levels of crema and body. The persistence and broad palate appeal comes from the blend of three beans - Arabica, Robusta and Catimor. The Espressos  #1 and #2 were discontinued by Trung Nguyen in 2009 and we have pined for them for years... but we pine no more!

We love the gentle citrus note and bright tones of the Catimor in this blend, and the Catimor also contributes to the crema... with both Robusta and Catimor in this blend, the crema is high and fresh and full of complex and delightful notes. The overall chocolatey tone brings warmth to this sharp and pleasing combination.

This espresso has a very bold profile black, but plays well with cream and sugar for a sweet, balanced treat. This coffee has become a local cult favorite among our Boston area visitors. You love espresso? This is on your bucket list.

8 ounce available in whole bean or espresso ground. Please select.

$9.25 $7.75
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  1. 5 Star Review Fantastic Espresso

    I have been hooked on both Trung Nguyen coffee and Len's Saigon blends for some time now, but I thought I would get the old espresso machine out again and try this. I gave up on espresso years ago since I could never pull a shot that I actually enjoyed after trying countless different roasts and blends.
    What a difference this Saigon Espresso #2 is! Even less than perfect shots are still very tasty and those that come out well are superbly chocolatey, rich and buttery with a fantastic crema. Never before did I pull shots this tasty with any Italian style blend, Robusta in the mix or not.
    A most certain repeat order as I am running low already!

    Posted by on Mar 21st 2018

  2. 5 Star Review Great Espresso

    This is a great espresso! Very unique and distinctly different from Italian espressos but very tasty. Kudos to Len and the team for their master blending skills!

    Posted by on Nov 19th 2017

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