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Vietnamese Black Tea

We only like to drink tea from Vietnam. In 15 years of checking purity from other tea-producing nations, we found Vietnamese samples consistently are more pure and natural. Vietnam's tea-growing regions are isolated and have been involved in tea production, hosting "tea retreats" and improving methods for over 200 years. Love the taste, love the history!

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Brazil Microlots

Get to know our Brazil Microlots!

These volcanic soil coffees are delicious and diverse...


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The Araku Valley of India

India's coffee tradition goes back 400 years or more, when a variety called Kent was first established in the Southern Hills. Arabicas predominated until the blight of 1870, when growers needed to hybridize to resistant varieties. The resultant strains had genes from Liberica and other unique, resistant species. Learn more and browse India's Araku Valley coffees here.

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