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G7 Black Gourmet Instant Coffee

Black G7 for those who prefer their coffee black, or simply prefer to add their own cream and/or sugar to their coffee. The G7 Black is also able to dissolve in cold water for an iced coffee. Our taste tests of over 40 brands, our customer comments, and G7 Black's rise to Asia's top-selling black instant coffee support that this is the best black instant coffee in the world.

It's the best because it is fundamentally different... while USA instant products are brewed and then freeze-dried, meaning you are brewing it for the second time when you use it, G7 Black was the world's first dry-roast process instant coffee. It is not pre-brewed! As a result it is fresher, more flavorful, and smoother than any other style of instant coffee.

The Black G7 was likely the inspiration for Starbucks Via® gourmet instant coffee. Starbucks has created the world's SECOND dry-roasted instant coffee, but we feel, and our taste tastes reveal, that people prefer the original G7 Black, at a fraction of the cost.

15 servings per box. Each sachet makes 7-8 ounces (or to taste).

More Information

Finally, pure Black G7! Black instant G7 has a number of advantages: it does not contain any added calories from added creamer or sugar, it can be mixed directly into cold water for iced coffee, its packet size is very small and fits easily in a wallet, and, of course, many people just prefer black coffee.

G7 is widely regarded as a unique and superior gourmet instant coffee, due to a processing plant built by Italian coffee technology experts that uses a proprietary process to create flavorful instant coffee from unroasted, green coffee beans. The beans are roasted and powdered in one process that eliminates the usual bitterness of freeze-dried coffee common to other processes. If you have never tried G7, you have never seen how great instant coffee can taste. The Black G7, requested by consumers for years, is finally available. Its only ingredient: Coffee. Use it alone or as a base in coffee drinks or cooking.

If you do like your coffee sweet, but are watching your sugar intake, then the Black G7 is ideal because you can sweeten it with your non-nutritive sweetener of choice (Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc.). You can also add your own cream, milk, or non-dairy creamer if you like. This black instant is highly suitable for allergy sufferers, because they can be certain that there is nothing in the packet but pure black instant coffee.

An exciting discovery for us was that the Black G7 mixes easily in cold water. During the hot summer months, iced coffee is particularly pleasurable, but regular G7 must always be mixed in hot water first before being poured over ice. This can be tricky because the ice melts and may dilute the coffee. With Black G7, there's no problem making coffee as cold as you like, anywhere you have access to iced and water and want to enjoy a glass of gourmet iced coffee!

G7 is 100% pure black coffee with nothing added. Caffeine is rated at 60 mg per serving/packet, about 20% less than an average cup of brewed coffee. One sachet makes about 7 ounces of coffee. Natural sugar content of the beans is approximately 0.2 grams per serving. Note that the nutritional facts label provides values for 100 grams, which is equivalent to 50 servings.

(Starbucks® and Starbucks Via® are registered trademarks owned by Starbucks Corporation)


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  1. 5 Star Review Instant Coffee

    I normally don't drink instant coffee as they have a terrible taste especially freeze dried. This is one that actually tastes like real coffee freshly brewed.

    Posted by on Jan 9th 2020

  2. 5 Star Review Love it

    So fast and easy to make & it tastes great!

    Posted by on Nov 9th 2019

  3. 5 Star Review G7 is great.

    Tastes good, easy to prepare, and cheap.

    Posted by on Nov 5th 2019

  4. 5 Star Review Frequent Consumption

    Simply said, easy to make and tastes great!

    Posted by on Jun 19th 2019

  5. 5 Star Review delicious for flavoring

    Delicious mixed into Greek yogurt (with some sugar) or a yogurt smoothie. I plan to use it for baking as well.

    Posted by on Apr 27th 2019

  6. 5 Star Review Great instant coffee

    Sometimes I enjoy a good instant coffee. I discovered this coffee and another when visiting Vietnam. I got back home to Florida USA and wanted more of this coffee and discover Len's Coffee online.

    Posted by on Feb 4th 2019

  7. 5 Star Review Best instant coffee!

    Best instant coffee hands down. Strong aroma, taste and the best thing on the go packets.

    Posted by on Jan 10th 2019

  8. 4 Star Review Great taste and quality

    This G-7 tastes great compared with the usual store purchased freeze-dried instant coffees out there. Full-bodied flavor and aroma from the get go too.

    Posted by on Nov 5th 2018

  9. 5 Star Review Love this Coffee

    This is my second order of Vietnamese instant coffee. So easy for just one cup. Very rich tasting. Will continue to order.

    Posted by on Sep 17th 2018

  10. 5 Star Review Delicious Coffee

    I love this coffee!! Usually don't prefer instant but this is very smooth tasting and not bitter. Will definitely be ordering more.

    Posted by on Aug 25th 2018

Showing reviews 1-10 of 21 | Next

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