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Thai Tea

Perfect summer delight! We all know Thai tea... that orange-hued, hauntingly delicious black tea that is usually enjoyed iced. But generally Thai Tea, as available from Asian groceries, is full of artificial coloring and is finely chopped black tea that is of good, but not great, quality. The artificial colors are of concern to many people.

We have been doing R&D to create the perfect Thai Tea for some time now. We proudly offer our own all-natural recipe of Thai Tea for your enjoyment.

Ingredients include super-fragrant, rich whole leaf black tea, natural powdered vanilla, Pensey's tiny bits of dried orange peel, Anatto for natural color, and a wonderful bonus: Whole miniature roses that impart that "je ne sais quoi" to this blend. This is the ultimate summer refresher, but we also enjoy drinking it as a hot milk tea in winter. A true comfort food. And a great gift for any tea lover who wants something better than what you can find in the Asian grocer.

New larger size! Now 70 grams, makes approximately 12-14 servings.


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  1. 5 Star Review Good flavor

    Very nice flavor on this tea- nothing overpowering or bitter. Makes a good iced tea.

    Posted by on May 29th 2019

  2. 5 Star Review Awesome whim

    I bought this on a whim - it's great!

    Posted by on May 29th 2019

  3. 5 Star Review Delicious!

    This tea is just delicious. The flavors are subtle and just right. Love it!

    Posted by on Mar 9th 2017

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