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Our Best Decaf! American Blend, water process

DeCaf and Low Caffeine coffees are increasingly in demand, as more people want to drink more coffee and want the taste and health benefits but not the caffeine. Most coffee producers don't spend time creating gourmet DeCaf and Half Caff offerings. We do! Try this amazing blend of "American" coffees from South and Central America, produced in Harlequin Roast to capture the best essence of each component origin. This is DeCaf without compromise! We promise you can serve this to guests and they will have no clue it isn't a premium regular caffeinated coffee.

We blend all-natural Swiss Water Process Honduras PacaVita Arabica with Colombian Sugarcane DeCaf that have wonderful taste profiles with butter and chocolate and caramel tones, in separate roast levels for a Harlequin Roast treatment that maximizes the broad taste profile of these coffees.

Be sure to have a wonderful decaf for holiday guests that would love to enjoy some coffee in the evening with your signature (or Marie Callender!) pumpkin pie.

97% caffeine free and 100% full of flavor! 8 ounce, please select drip grind or whole bean.


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  1. 5 Star Review Pleasant and Flavorful

    I am so glad that Len's has several excellent decaf/low caffeine choices, and this is another one. Pleasant tasting and nice flavor.

    Posted by on May 28th 2020

  2. 5 Star Review Truly wonderful

    Wonderful coffee. You can never tell it's decaf!

    Posted by on May 1st 2020

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