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Trung Nguyen Buon Me Thuot S Special Coffee Blend

A blend of Arabica, Robusta and Chari (Excelsa) beans, in traditional multi-species Vietnamese style. Trung Nguyen created a trademark "every occasion" coffee with a rich, broad flavor and buttery mouthfeel, with excellent aftertaste and keeping qualities. This is a highly affordable coffee with great heritage, sophisticated balance and many hints of chocolate, fruit and nut.

The 500 gram bag is more than a pound of coffee, about 17.6 ounces. Ground coffee only, this product is not available in whole bean.

Over the last 17 years that we have been selling Trung Nguyen coffee, we have seen the S Blend climb to the top-selling spot in the lineup of Vietnamese coffees! You can't beat the price and value combination.

We're sorry, we are currently out of stock on this coffee... but we expect a new shipment the first week of April.

More Information

Allergy note: The special butter-roast process that gives Trung Nguyen coffees their unique flavor and aroma is a proprietary recipe and we cannot promise that it is safe for individuals with severe allergies to any vegetable oil, such as soy

We also can't promise it's vegan, but it is certified Halal and safe for lacto-vegetarians.

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  1. 5 Star Review My Favorite Coffee Ever!

    I have found my favorite coffee, and it comes in more than a pound! It's a bargain as well as delicious. I will look for this every time I order coffee here.

    Posted by on Dec 7th 2022

  2. 5 Star Review I LOVE this coffee!

    This is my favorite coffee. I make sure I am well stocked with it so I won't run out.

    Posted by on Nov 21st 2022

  3. 5 Star Review Love it

    One cup, every morning, whether I need it or not

    Posted by on Apr 6th 2022

  4. 5 Star Review So good!

    We love this coffee! It's smooth with a velvety mouth feel, not bitter at all (unless you scorch it of course!) and it has a chocolate finish on the palate that is just divine!

    Posted by on Jan 5th 2022

  5. 5 Star Review Excellent mixer

    I mix this coffee in equal parts with Truong Lam Cafe’. It gives a beautiful flavored cup heavy on the chocolate overtones. I drink all my coffee black with no additives and this combo is excellent.

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2021

  6. 3 Star Review Too sweet, flavored coffee

    This is not a bad blend. And I am sure people who like flavored coffee will like it. But to me it tastes too chocolatey and too sweet. It's as if you are drinking cocoa, not coffee. I think artificial flavors are added to this blend to make it smell and taste of chocolate. There is no way coffee beans could have such a smell on their own. The packaging is in Vietnamese, so I cannot understand the descriptions, but among ingredients, besides coffee varieties, you will see something about chocolate and whiskey. Again, not a bad coffee blend if you could take away the unnecessary flavoring.

    Posted by on Dec 2nd 2021

  7. 5 Star Review Love this

    This has become my "go to" cup of Joe. I brew it in an espresso machine and pour it over ice for the best ice coffee in the world.Wouldn't be caught without it!

    Posted by on Sep 26th 2021

  8. 5 Star Review Delicious Coffee

    I think I have found my new favorite Trung Nguyen coffee.

    Posted by on Sep 8th 2021

  9. 5 Star Review Delicious

    Robust, smooth, a little chocolate aftertaste. My second favorite after Sparrow, Creative 3.

    Posted by on Sep 1st 2021

  10. 2 Star Review TNBMT S Special Coffee

    Not that flavorful..It's ok..Other Vietnamese Coffee more Flavorful

    Posted by on Aug 4th 2021

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