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Gourmet Blend from Trung Nguyen

Still their top-seller worldwide, Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend of all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil bags within decorative boxes (500 gram total, 1.2 pounds). This is the traditional House Blend coffee served at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

Gourmet Blend is balanced for brewing in the traditional Phin filter, with added sweetened condensed milk. There is a little sour/bitter effect in the coffee profile to complement the sweetness of the milk. Gourmet Blend will also brew well in American drip machines and the French Press, just use a little less coffee to compensate for the denser, richer profile.

The Gourmet Blend "fired the shot that was heard around the world" in the Vietnamese Coffee revolution (or evolution, as we like to say). It showed the world what a multi-species coffee blend (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, Catimor) could taste like. Americans think only Arabica coffee is good, which is simply wrong. Trung Nguyen coffees are low in acid and smoother than American coffees, with back palate persistence and a much wider taste profile and great "mouthfeel".

Please note that this product is shipped to over 30 countries worldwide, so the packaging we are able to source often changes, but the product does not.

Allergy note: The special butter-roast process that gives Trung Nguyen coffees their unique flavor and aroma is a proprietary recipe and we cannot promise that it is safe for individuals with severe allergies to any vegetable oil, such as soy

We also can't promise it's vegan, but it is certified Halal and safe for lacto-vegetarians.


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  1. 5 Star Review Bold yet smooth

    I first tried this coffee when I was visiting Danang a year ago. I drink my coffee black. No cream and no sugar. This coffee is very flavorful but not bitter. It is one of my favorites.

    Posted by on Dec 7th 2019

  2. 5 Star Review Hands Down, THE BEST flavor coffee!

    Without a doubt this is the best coffee there is. The taste, rich and dark roasted flavor. Never a burnt aftertaste or weak taste!

    Posted by on Nov 23rd 2019

  3. 5 Star Review Makes my morning!!

    I enjoy this coffee every morning. Always has a smooth and rich flavor. It definitely makes my morning better!

    Posted by on Oct 23rd 2019

  4. 5 Star Review Great coffee and service

    Awesome coffee and service

    Posted by on Jul 30th 2019

  5. 5 Star Review Highly recommended!

    Living in a rural area with no coffee shops, being able to make delicious satisfying coffee at home is essential. This coffee blend is magnificent: generous mouth feel, rich chocolate notes, rounded full flavor. Recommend you give it a try.

    Posted by on Jul 20th 2019

  6. 5 Star Review GREAT SOURCE !!

    Awesome seller of this Vietnam coffee I am addicted to. It came out fast, fresh, and the people are super nice at Len's

    Posted by on May 15th 2019

  7. 5 Star Review Best Coffee Ever

    Tried this in Vietnam- 11 years ago - and loved it. Once I found it online, I started ordering it and am still impressed. Full flavor with no bitterness.

    Posted by on May 12th 2019

  8. 5 Star Review Best Coffee Ever!

    This coffee is strong and rich, but never bitter as some strong coffees are. We drink it for our morning coffee and use it in our Espresso machine for lattes. Love it! It's as good as we had in Vietnam!

    Posted by on Mar 9th 2019

  9. 5 Star Review My "go to" every morning

    I have been drinking this every morning for about two years and I have two double shots every morning and it gets me going. The flavor is just to my taste. I am never happy when traveling and find myself in a hotel where I am presented only "lesser" coffee.
    Try it if you have not. You are likely to find it rich and flavorful, I surely do.

    Posted by on Jan 14th 2019

  10. 5 Star Review Best coffee ever!

    I received a gift of Gourmet Coffee with the traditional phin filter many years ago. I have been purchasing it ever since. The best coffee I have ever tasted!

    Posted by on Dec 30th 2018

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