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Roast Level Chart - 7 swatches to guide roasting

Ever notice that nobody agrees on the designations for roasting levels? Confused by "City++" and "Euro Roast" and all the crazy names? This simple color chart shows the popular roast levels from Blonde (Cinnamon) through French Roast, with the most common names and approximate comparable temperatures commercial roasters use.

This chart is what we use, and is one of our most popular home roasting items. Get one today! Shipping is free on this item; will not add to shipping charges if added to an order with other items.


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  1. 5 Star Review Simple and unambiguous

    I have one of these with 14 levels on it and beans (from another place), and I must say this guide is much nicer to use. It's a lot more obvious where your roast is with a smaller set of colors, and the solid color design is also really helpful. Keep it simple!

    Posted by on Jul 2nd 2020

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