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The NEW Vietnamese Dalat Blend

It's back! A re-imagined Dalat Blend featuring superb Blue Son La Bourbon Arabica in two roast levels blended with the best Highland Peaberry Robusta in the world and just a touch of Catimor!

The new Dalat Blend is compellingly delicious and satisfying, and totally unique in its Vietnamese traditional profile.

This traditional Arabica/Robusta blend brews well in any drip machine, pourover, or French Press, and makes an excellent espresso, with a perfect ratio of brightness, sharp initial impression, full body, and strong taste retention. If intended as espresso, please choose whole bean and grind to your preference. 8 oz bag of roasted coffee, Harlequin (multi-temperature) roast. Please select ground or whole bean.

Our new FIRE ROASTED Dalat Blend is likewise a double temperature roast, and is fired-grilled by Len on a rotisserie similar to that used in the countryside of Vietnam by small cafés and coffee stands. In traditional style, we toss the hot beans with a little natural flavor extracts of butter and chocolate to get that quintessential home-grown flavor profile. Fire-roasting creates a lively bold taste that "ripens" in the cup to a smooth finish.

Key notes: Chocolate, caramel, butter, "classic coffee" aroma.


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  1. 5 Star Review My Favorite

    I have been roasting my own coffee beans for about 8 years. I have purchased and roasted beans from virtually every country in the world where beans are grown.
    There are many single origin and blends I like, but this blend has become my all time favorite.
    Everything I read says robusta beans are inferior to arabica. This blend contains both robusta and arabica beans.
    I cannot identify all the tastes people will describe in a coffee. I just know whether I do or do not like the flavor. I just know the flavor of this coffee, especially when combined with other beans, is fantastic.
    Supposedly robusta beans are for people who enjoy a "back palate" taste. I guess that is me.
    Here is how I prepare my coffee. I prefer to use an Aero Press. I combine 15 grams of Dalat Blend with 6 grams of Sumatra. I use 12-13 ounces of water. I also enjoy substituting other beans for the Sumatra...Guatemala works great as well. I roast the Dalat to a lighter roast, between first and second cracks. I let the Sumatra go to the start of second crack. I grind the coffee at a medium grind.
    Great!...and by the way, the robusta beans have a higher caffeine content!

    Posted by on Nov 28th 2016

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