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Barako Blend - Philippine Liberica with Arabica and Philippine Robusta

Literally translated from Tagalog (the language of the Philippines), "barako" means "wild boar". In common usage, however, it can refer to the male of any species, especially studs, and extra-especially studs that share the strength and ferocity of the wild boar... and so "barako" came to mean manly, macho, fearless and tough.

"Kapeng Barako" is the Tagalog name for the specific variety of Liberica that grows on the high mountain slopes of the Philippines. Its name thus has a delightfully layered meaning: the wild Barako boar is known to feed on its leaves, the plant is much larger and tougher than other coffee species to harvest. The strong, wiry sugar cane workers of the Philippines are called "Barakos" locally and they like their Barako coffee extra dark and sweet (brewed campfire style in a large pot). Recently, due to the rarity of Liberica, "Barako" coffee has fallen into common usage in Philippine coffee shops as a term for any strong coffee. They offer "regular" coffee and "barako" coffee, which is just bolder or darker. We hope that in time the Liberica will make a comeback in awareness.

Our Barako Blend is one of our oldest recipes, one of Len's personal favorites, and one of the best ways to enjoy the interplay of Liberica with a supporting cast of characters. We start with 50%  Liberica, add an award-winning Arabica microlot coffee, and round it out with Philippine Robusta. The result is a bold, smoky, and robustly fragrant cup that fortifies you for whatever challenges you face today, whether it's rampaging wild boars or eight-hour budget meetings.

We have a very limited supply, so we need to limit sales per customer so more people can enjoy it.

8 oz bag, please select ground or whole bean.

More Information About Liberica (Kapeng Barako)

A unique and irreplaceable part of our worldwide coffee heritage, Liberica is an entirely separate species of coffee. Its almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. We guarantee you have never tasted anything like this rare and exotic coffee.

Liberica is a vanishing species of coffee that is only now being brought back from the brink of extinction, and your purchase supports conservation of both the coffee and the forests where it grows.

Urgent update:  Liberica is once again in danger of extinction. Many Liberica farms are replacing their pure Liberica trees with shorter, more convenient-to-harvest hybrid coffees. We fear that soon the wild Liberica trees will be the only ones left!

Now, more than ever, your purchase of Liberica is saving the entire species from extinction. Help us protect coffee biodiversity and preserve this irreplaceable part of our world's coffee heritage!

Limit 3 per order, please!

Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review Wonderful Coffee

    My wife and I throughly enjoyed the beans we ordered. Some of the best coffee we’ve had in a long while.

    Posted by on Jun 30th 2024

  2. 5 Star Review What mouthfeel! The best and boldest.

    My favorite single origin Arabica coffee has been Aged Sumatra. I wanted to try Liberica coffee and got this Barako Blend. Boy, am I glad I tried it! The aroma of the roasted beans was different from typical Arabica single-origin roasted beans but very pleasant at least to me. The uniqueness of the coffee extends to the cupping, it was nothing like any coffee I have tasted before. Very heavy body and velvety mouthfeel that ringers like a thick coating of molasses in the back of the palate for an aftertaste. Very low in acidity, but a hint of spice. Bold and smoky, akin to aged Sumatra, but very distinctive, more refined and silkier than earthy and funky Aged Sumatra. I became an instant fan of this coffee.

    Posted by on Sep 16th 2022

  3. 5 Star Review Just like the first time

    Brought so much back when I visited the Philippines, hard to find. Tastes incredible. Shipping took forever.

    Posted by on Jul 10th 2022

  4. 5 Star Review Excellent Coffee

    Very good, rare coffee!

    Posted by on Feb 23rd 2022

  5. 5 Star Review Super-robust, delicious coffee

    I tried this blend on a whim, and it has not disappointed! Very rich tasting coffee with delicious chocolate notes. It seems to be a great choice for the classic stove top moka pot. I love it!

    Posted by on Dec 31st 2021

  6. 5 Star Review beautiful deep ancestral sacred beans

    This coffee is like none other. It speaks to my depth gently and comfortably without the jitters and crash of arabicas. I'm so grateful this has been protected and is available to me on the other side of the world

    Posted by on Nov 10th 2021

  7. 5 Star Review Batangas knows this is the best

    once you drink barako, you can't go backo

    Posted by on Oct 1st 2021

  8. 5 Star Review YES--The Philippines?

    Believe it or not--after sampling coffee from around the world, Len's Liberica and Barako coffees are among the best--to say the very least.

    Posted by on Jul 7th 2021

  9. 4 Star Review Low acid, super tasty

    Really enjoy this stuff. Great first cup in A.M. packs plenty of kick.

    Posted by on Dec 30th 2020

  10. 5 Star Review This is what Ron Swanson drinks

    the coffee you drink is the dog from duck hunt. This coffee is Ron Swanson from parks and rec.

    Posted by on Feb 14th 2017

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