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Brazil Bold - The Thrilla from Brazilla!

We designed this bold espresso for commercial customers many years ago. Lately we keep being asked for a very bold espresso with dark notes. So we are putting this wonderful coffee back into the lineup. Put me in the game, coach! Well, okay then.

The base is an extended Espresso Dark roast of Brazil Volcano Coffee Company Adrano, our boldest Brazil coffee with tons of strong power from the volcanic soil in which it's grown. Then we pair it with the smooth, chocolatey St. Domingos and give a nod to great crema by including a natural organic Robusta. The butter notes in the aroma rush forward when it is ground, and it makes a great coffee potpourri for the house.

8 oz., please choose Whole Bean or Espresso Grind. Sorry, Out of Stock!

Out of Stock

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  1. 5 Star Review A great eye-opener

    I need a good push to get moving in the morning, and the Thrilla from Brazilla espresso sure does it! While it's definitely bold, it is without bitterness or acid. Just wonderfully flavorful.

    Posted by on Apr 21st 2023

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