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Vietnamese Traditional (Phin) Filter/Brewers

Stainless steel Vietnamese single-cup brewer (called a Phin), 4 piece kit with instructions. This little filter is perfect for brewing a single cup of intense, delicious coffee in the traditional way (6-7 ounces, typically). When guests visit, give them the authentic Café Sua Da coffeehouse experience by using a separate filter and cup for each person and adding sweetened condensed milk. We now offer larger capacity Phins as well. Every Phin comes with a pictorial instruction sheet for easy use, and carries a Lifetime Warranty.

Our Phins are actually made to our own technical specifications and are INOX II (AISI 316L) highest grade stainless, more resistant to corrosion that regular stainless.

NOTE: Currently we have more phins on order from Vietnam but they may not be here for up to 2 months due to the Covid lockdown in Vietnam, so we are rationing our supply by limiting purchases to 4 per customer. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Limit 4 per order, please!

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  1. 5 Star Review Great purchase!

    This is perfect for a single cup of flavorful coffee. It took a little practice finding the right amount of coffee beans to grind (2.5 tablespoons of beans) and the fineness of grind (medium) to get the right strength and limit the sediment. It's amazing how subtle flavors are brought out and different from using an electric brewer. This Phin Filter is economical (no paper filters needed or wanted - it mutes the flavors) and it's easy to clean. It appears very sturdy, made from stainless steel. I am very happy with this purchase!

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2022

  2. 5 Star Review Wow!

    I was intimidated by all the pieces but the directions (that included pictures!) saved me from any trouble. I used the Saigon ground and Nature’s Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk with a little homemade oat milk to thin, and made the best iced coffee ever!

    Posted by on Aug 19th 2020

  3. 5 Star Review Perfect

    I always have a perfect cup using the phin. I bought two more and gave one as a gift with some TN Creative 1 coffee.

    Posted by on Jul 6th 2019

  4. 5 Star Review Simple

    I was introduced to the Phin filter when I ordered the Vietnamese Coffee MiniKit with Buon Me Thuot Special (S) because it looked so curious and simple to use. To my surprise; it is very simple to use and makes the experience very personal.

    Now I keep using it to experiment with other grounds. I highly recommend this philter.

    Posted by on Mar 21st 2017

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