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Café du Breault French Quarter Style Coffee

This coffee is a labor of love. With the cost of these premium beans and purchasing the best chicory we can find in the United States (direct from the farm in Nebraska) we are not making money, but that's fine. This is a coffee concept we had to tackle and win, and we are proud to present to you the rebirth of a quality French Quarter Dark Roast with chicory. Since the originator of chicory-blended coffee in the USA has chosen to cut corners and purchase inferior ingredients, it was left to us Breaults from Louisiana and Quebec to save this American Heritage coffee concept. We accept the challenge.

Café du Breault (pronounced "Bro" -- it's French) is our answer to the demand for New Orleans French Quarter-style coffee, specifically Café du Monde. This style of coffee is a very dark roast, with roasted chicory added not as a filler but as a crucial ingredient in a traditional recipe.

To many Vietnamese-Americans, this French Quarter style is considered Vietnamese coffee because it was in their household growing up, but it isn't.

We wanted to do better. Café du Breault is made from premium, fully ripened beans, so it's naturally lower in acid and more flavorful. We roast it dark, but not dark enough to burn away all the subtle flavors, and our 4-roast process includes one lighter roast to provide the brighter flavors sometimes lost in dark roast. The chicory is American-grown and freshly roasted. This is a very strong coffee with an intense, chocolatey flavor profile combining traditional Vietnamese Coffee with New Orleans French Quarter tradition. We find our own family demanding it at gatherings and as gifts. Wonderful as Café Sua Da with sweetened condensed milk, and also as iced coffee.

8 ounces, please choose drip grind or whole bean.

NOTE: We prefer the ground version because we add real roasted, ground chicory produced by a specialty farm in Nebraska to the drip grind version. We do produce whole bean for those who want to use the coffee in a grind-and-brew or other application. For the whole bean, we use an extract of chicory applied to the beans when they are still hot.

More information about Cafe du Monde, and how (and why!) we created Cafe du Breault

To a large part of America, "Vietnamese Coffee" means Cafe du Monde. But Cafe du Monde is actually produced by a Canadian company, sold in a cafe in New Orleans, and made with South American coffee beans. Why would anyone think it was Vietnamese?

Because after the Vietnam war, large numbers of Vietnamese refugees settling in the United States found themselves stranded in a land of weak coffee. They couldn't get their beloved Vietnamese beans due to the trade embargoes. So, they looked for the best substitute they could find: regular American coffee roasted super-dark and mixed with chicory, which gave it the edginess and intensity they craved. Cafe du Monde became a fixture of Vietnamese-American households for generations.

Problem is, Cafe du Monde is made with mass-market quality beans, so it is extremely acidic. Also, its charred-black roast upsets our stomachs and burns away any subtlety in the flavor. That's why we decided not to sell it here: we don't sell any coffee we don't personally love.

But a lot of people -- like, a lot -- come to us asking for Café du Monde because, to them, dark coffee with chicory is Vietnamese coffee. Sometimes, we could get them to try a real Vietnamese coffee and they would be happy. Too often, though, they really wanted that particular flavor profile and nothing we had could ever scratch that itch. 

With the success of the Saigon blends, though, we felt like we were finally ready to create our own French Quarter coffee with chicory. We're proud of this and we believe it is a true representative of this style of coffee as well as a premium quality and delicious coffee in its own right. 

The name "Café du Breault" comes from Len's last name, which is Brault. A large part of the French half of his ancestry settled in New Orleans, and probably played a part in the development of its coffee heritage. Back then, the name still used its original French spelling and pronunciation (Breault = "Bro"). We decided it was perfect for our new French Quarter coffee!

Café du Monde is a registered trademark of Cafe du Monde Coffee Stand


Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review Unbelievable rich

    Dark and smooth and not burned tasting (I'm looking at you, Starbucks); winey and slightly sweet, aroma to wake you up mornings.

    Posted by on Jun 5th 2022

  2. 5 Star Review Excellent flavor

    I usually am a 2 cup of coffee max type person. This coffee makes me want to have a couple more cups. Smooth with very good flavor. Perfect with a spoon of sugar and bit of cream.

    Posted by on Dec 2nd 2020

  3. 5 Star Review Flavor punch to the mouth

    Just brewed my first cup of this, and first sip was a huge WOW! A little bit of sugar and a splash of milk really bring out the flavor profile. Tastes like someone melted a bar of dark bakers chocolate in cup of Cafe Du Monde. The description calls it a sleeper, but ain't nobody gonna be sleeping after drinking a cup of this.

    Posted by on Dec 17th 2018

  4. 5 Star Review Very Good!

    The Cafe du Breault has an excellent flavor, and gives me that full bodied flavor as good if not better than the Cafe du Monde. An excellent addition to your list of fine coffees!

    Posted by on May 7th 2018

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