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Mocharagua, green unroasted, premixed

Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you folks agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! Many of the beans we sourced were chosen because they have natural chocolate, butter and caramel notes. Some have more than others, and in this blend we have chosen two bean origins with very strong natural chocolate tones.

It is also important how you roast the beans to bring out their chocolatey profile. Ideally, if your roasting method allows temperature control, the secret to "Chocolate Roast" is simple... raise the beans quickly to First Crack level (standard temperature is about 390°F at this point), then lower the temperature so the beans roast more slowly after First Crack is finished, and add a little time. If your roast time is normally 10 minutes to Second Crack, for instance, and you reach First Crack at about 8 minutes, you might lower the temperature of your heat source 20% and thus extend the time before Second Crack... so total time might be 11 minutes for "Chocolate Roast". This is just an example, please adjust for your own roasting method.

If you hear the first crackles of Second Crack, turn off the heat and go to your cooling cycle. Ideally, you want to enter the cooling cycle before Second Crack gets established.

Mocharagua is a mix of Jinotega Arabicas and Indian Natural Robusta. It produces more of a "dark chocolate" profile than the "milk chocolate" profile of our Chocozilla from Brazilla Blend. Please note: The chocolate profile will get stronger as the beans "rest". In particular the Indian Robusta just continues to develop more chocolate aroma and taste as it rests. So give this blend a few days to mature after roasting for best enjoyment.

This is one of our best blends for icing, also.

Sorry we are low on inventory, we only have a few 1-pound weight left. These are GREEN, unroasted coffee beans and must be boiled or roasted before consumption.


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  1. 5 Star Review Great distinct smooth flavor

    Wow I wasn't expecting the flavor of this to be as chocolatey and as smooth as it was I'm not complaining it was a nice flavor rich when roasted dark or roast, it was good on it's own and blends well with other beans. This might be one of my new favorite coffees.

    Posted by on May 20th 2021

  2. 5 Star Review Complex flavor

    I chose to roast my bean on the darker side, and these taste very nice. I did espresso, siphon, and cold brew, and each were a hit around the house. There is a chocolatey hint in the coffee, but not as much as some others on this site, in my opinion. The real win about this coffee is the flavor is both balanced (in terms of acidity and bitterness) and complex, with many subtle flavors that I can't fully pick out and describe.

    Posted by on Jul 30th 2020

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