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Trung Nguyen Legendee Coffee (Creative 8 / Sang Tao 8)

Makes a great gift!

Legendee Gold is a coffee created in the style of the classic Legendee, but with a new approach to taste and balance. Characteristics include an incredible natural sweetness --many customers who regularly sweeten their coffee like this coffee unsweetened-- and an acidity and aroma more typical of fine Arabicas than the original Legendee blend.

The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA. Sometimes sold under the name "Sang Tao 8", or Creative 8, which is the exact same coffee. It is the flagship coffee of the original Creative Coffee series that made Trung Ngyen famous. Legendee is sometimes referred to as "weasel" coffee in Vietnam.

Each bag of Legendee is shipped with a full-color card detailing the history and celebrity of this famous coffee.

Legendee Classic Whole Bean is more true to the original balanced blend produced by Trung Nguyen, which includes Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa. It has a darker and bolder taste profile, but with the same chocolatey "civet coffee" overtones.

Classic Whole Bean is back in stock for the holidays!

More Information

One of the world's most famous coffees, the Legendee is a unique enzymatically-treated coffee that releases flavors bound in the beans and not released under ordinary processing. The Legendee product is largely regarded as the world's most successful attempt to produce a coffee with the balance and flavor of the famous Kopi Luwak, or Civet/Weasel coffee. Trung Nguyen worked hard on achieving a new balance of Arabica and Excelsa beans in this formula.

Tourists to Vietnam often don't consider their visit complete until they have sat in a Trung Nguyen coffeehouse and tried the Legendee brewed by the single-cup Phin filters. We get a lot of comments also that the Legendee is more available here to buy on our site for home brewing than it is in Vietnam, and at a lower cost. Sometimes sold under the name "Sang Tao 8", or Creative 8, which is the exact same coffee.

A coffee that please all tastes, it makes an excellent gift that is sure to impress.

Allergy note: The special butter-roast process that gives Trung Nguyen coffees their unique flavor and aroma is a proprietary recipe and we cannot promise that it is safe for individuals with severe allergies to any vegetable oil, such as soy

We also can't promise it's vegan, but it is certified Halal and safe for lacto-vegetarians.

If you are vegan or if you have any concerns about allergens, we suggest our new Saigon Legend, which we can promise are free of common allergens and 100% vegan.

Legendee Gift Option

Gold Lamé Gift Bag: Elegant and convenient, the Gift Bag can be packed, shipped, and carried with ease, and always arrives looking great. It's an effortless way to make your Legendee ready-to-give. As with all Legendee items, it comes with a card explaining the history of the coffee and advice on brewing the perfect cup.

Classic Whole Bean Legendee

Back in stock for the holidays! The original classic whole bean Legendee coffee, very hard for us to obtain and always limited availability.


Limit 10 per order, please!

Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review At Last...

    I prefer a strong, dark roast with a smooth finish and this coffee absolutely delivers! I had ordered ground because beans were out of stock. Can't wait to have the beans to grind myself for use with my espresso machine instead of french press. Will continue to order this coffee!

    Posted by on Nov 2nd 2017

  2. 5 Star Review Drop for drop, woth the price

    An excellent well rounded coffee with a natural sweetness, and taste that defines finer coffees.

    Posted by on Oct 5th 2017

  3. 5 Star Review Best Coffee in the World

    I absolutely love this coffee. I prefer a strong and dark roast. This is just right with a smooth finish.
    The expense means that I use it only on special occasions. Sunday morning before church.

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2017

  4. 4 Star Review Kopi Luwak Sang Tao 8

    Tasted kopi luwak before and this product comes close to it. The chocolaty taste is nice on the palette.

    Posted by on Jun 12th 2017

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