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Trung Nguyen Creative 2 Robusta Arabica

Blend of rich, sharp Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular and well-rounded coffees. Good hot or iced, black or with cream and sugar.

The Trung Nguyen Creative Two (Robusta Arabica) is definitely the hands-down most accessible and popular coffee served in our taste testings and Market booths. It's a wonderful blend of high-quality Arabica and heirloom Robusta. It is an "anytime" coffee, with medium caffeine, well-balanced blended taste, and as good iced as it is hot. We suspect that at one time, a blend like this was the standard approach to fine coffee served around the world, before the days of modern hybrids and confined one-species tastes.

12 oz bags (340 grams) for ground coffee, 8.8 oz bags (250 gram) for whole bean. 

More Information

If you have never tried Vietnamese coffee, here is a perfect first candidate. In over 20,000 taste tests we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who were not enthusiastic about this coffee.

This coffee is best brewed at 1.5 tablespoons per cup, in a cone-shaped drip machine, French Press, percolator or any soak method. For some reason the coffee is not as successful in commercial machines as some of the other Trung Nguyen coffees, so we don't recommend it as a coffeehouse coffee, despite its immense popularity in home brewing. The whole bean is exceptionally flavorful, and could be experimented with if you want to use the #2 as a base for coffee specialty drinks and a house coffee.

If you are introducing a friend to Vietnamese coffee and you don't know their tastes, you can't go wrong with this balanced and delicious popular favorite coffee with a budget price. It remains our most successful coffee for inclusion in gift packages and Mini-Kits.

Allergy note: The special butter-roast process that gives Trung Nguyen coffees their unique flavor and aroma is a proprietary recipe and we cannot promise that it is safe for individuals with severe allergies to any vegetable oil, such as soy

We also can't promise it's vegan, but it is certified Halal and safe for lacto-vegetarians.

If you are vegan or if you have any concerns about allergens, we suggest our new Saigon Cafe Blend, which we can promise are free of common allergens and 100% vegan.


Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review Love this Coffee

    Vietnamese coffee is all I drink. This particular type is very good. So far I have enjoyed all the flavors I've bought from Len's Coffee.

    Posted by on Oct 16th 2018

  2. 5 Star Review It is even better when ...

    I thought this was fantastic coffee via French Press. This morning I needed an extra cup and on a whim, I tried making a cup with the AeroPress - everything about this coffee went up a notch! About as close to perfect as I could imagine.

    Don't bother ordering more - I'm about to grab it all!

    Posted by on Jun 8th 2018

  3. 5 Star Review My Favorite Coffee!!

    I LOVE this coffee! It is rich, decadent and delicious. Before you brew make sure you smell the grounds. A cozy beginning to an outstanding coffee. Thank you Trung Nguyen!!

    Posted by on May 25th 2018

  4. 5 Star Review Great Flavor!

    Nice robust flavor and not bitter. Good recommendation by Peachie. Lots of choices, including a sample packet to try more of a variety to give you to choose.

    Posted by on Jan 23rd 2018

  5. 5 Star Review My fave

    One of the most startling things (to me) about Vietnam was how good the coffee is. I was hooked immediately and delighted to find such a great selection here. It’s a bonus that the customer support is as extraordinary as the coffee.

    Posted by on Jan 18th 2018

  6. 5 Star Review Just Plain Great Coffee!

    I love all the Trung Nguyen coffees, including this one. I don't do anything special with it. I brew it in my Cuisinart drip coffeemaker, and drink it with half & half cream. Sometimes I drink it plain, sometimes I add cinnamon and/or vanilla extract. Whatever I do to it, it is a complete treat. I am spoiled! :D

    Posted by on Dec 5th 2017

  7. 5 Star Review Fantastic Coffee

    We have this daily and for several years now. It is perfect with our French press, and also makes excellent iced coffee. Purchase some of Len's small, cotton bag filters and give the latter a try. You'll find it really enjoyable.

    Posted by on Aug 3rd 2017

  8. 5 Star Review A great every day coffee

    Warm, rounded flavors, with a chocolaty perfume - a very satisfying cup of coffee.

    Posted by on Jul 31st 2017

  9. 5 Star Review The One and Only~!

    When I think of Vietnamese coffee, Trung Nguyen Creative 2 Robusta Arabica is it. Nothing else comes close. The aroma and flavor as it cools in the cup are truly special. It is full bodied and ... well, everything I think a coffee should be.

    Thank you, Len, for making this available.

    Posted by on Jun 5th 2017

  10. 5 Star Review Full bodied excellent coffee

    My wife and I have been drinking this coffee for years each morning. Recently, we've been mixing in chocazilla. Either way, it is an amazing way to start one's day.

    Posted by on May 1st 2017

Showing reviews 1-10 of 15 | Next

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