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Tam Chau Artichoke Tea, in teabags

Delicious, caffeine-free Artichoke tea is made from the whole Artichoke plant, although brands will differ in the percentage of flower, stem and leaf. This traditional herbal tea is a Vietnamese favorite, and has a smooth and naturally sweet flavor, rich mouthfeel, and surprising aroma reminiscent of vanilla or milk chocolate. It requires no sweetener, and it is used as a healthful drink in southeast Asia, where it is believed to promote liver functioning, via a mild detox and slight diuretic effect, and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

This 100% artichoke tea is subtle and has a strong initial rush of flavor, using flower, stem and root of the artichoke plant.

New 4-pack of boxes available! 4 boxes of 20 teabags (80 servings) for only $12.50!

The value bag of 100 teabags comes packed 2 teabags per cellophane pouch. Large bag is back in stock!


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  1. 5 Star Review BEST summer cold tea!!!

    I LOVE this tea. It’s best use as a summer/hot weather cold tea. I brew a few tea bags in a family size pitcher and refrigerate. So refreshing! All our guests love it too. And it doesn’t have caffeine so safe for kids as well!

    Posted by on Jul 25th 2021

  2. 4 Star Review yummy artichoke tea

    A friend turned me on to this tea. I immediately feel in love with it. I make it with my green tea add a bit of honey and lemon and sip all night long. While others may not need sweetner I like honey in my tea. Artichoke tea is good for digestion and I have stomach problems and this tea makes my tummy feel yummy!

    Posted by on Apr 9th 2018

  3. 5 Star Review Love It

    Friends always served artichoke tea after dinner at their house, great for winding down after a meal and sweet enough by itself that I didn't feel the need to add sweetener. While I couldn't find their exact brand online (they pick it up at restaurant quite a drive away), I found this tea, ordered it, and love it. Enough so that I thought I should add a review with high marks.

    Good quantity and quality for price. Haven't had any problems separating the double bags. Will be ordering more in the future.

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2016

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