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Vietnamese Dalat Blend

This artful coffee blend has a base of Indochine Estates heirloom Bourbon Arabica beans, a special heirloom species of Arabica that has been pampered on their family estate farms in Dalat for multiple generations. A perfect blend for icing and cold brew - we supply many mobile coffee trucks and pop-up restaurants with this blend!

These beans have a delicious buttery caramel taste that is very distinct, and a wonderful 'classic coffee' aroma that fill the kitchen with that scent we love.

We then blend in about 25% Dalat Robusta peaberries to give the coffee amazing body and fullness, as well as improving the crema when brewed as espresso. These peaberry beans are the source of much of the chocolate tone you see in Vietnamese coffee. They are gorgeous beans, round and "robust" and full of flavor.

We then add Catimor, a rare and unique Arabica variety with superb body brown sugar tones, and then finish with a small amount of Buon Me Thuot Excelsa (known in Vietnam as "Chari"), a distinct species of coffee that stimulates the middle and sides of the palate, giving the blend a full-bodied balance that is unexcelled. Buon Me Thuot region Excelsa is one of the trademark coffees used in traditional Vietnamese blends enjoyed as Café Sua Da.

This traditional four-variety blend also brews well in any drip machine, pourover, or French Press, and makes an excellent espresso, with a perfect ratio of brightness, sharp initial impression, full body, and strong taste retention. If intended as espresso, please choose whole bean and grind to your preference. 8 oz bag of roasted coffee, Medium roast. Please select ground or whole bean.

Key notes: Chocolate, caramel, butter, "classic coffee" aroma.


Customer Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review Great Blend

    Great Blend, wonderful floral background without being too sweet! Also a special flavor I can't identify. Had it as a pour through several times, will order again.

    Posted by on Sep 24th 2020

  2. 5 Star Review Bourbon Arabica Stands Out

    I was sceptical at first. The vanilla hazelnut element must have been added as it is in flavored supermarket coffees. Reassured by the coffee gurus, now I enjoy it. The right balance, too. Too much dark or darker roasts are unpleasant to me. Is this Bourbon Arabica flavor specific to Dalat beans?

    Posted by on Sep 7th 2020

  3. 5 Star Review Excellent coffee

    First tasted this coffee in Long Beach and loved it from the first sip. Wonderful caramel taste and a nice kick as I use two scoops per cup.

    Thanks to Len's Coffee for shipping it to my hotel in Las Vegas so I could collect it on my holiday as they don't ship to the UK.

    Posted by on Sep 19th 2018

  4. 5 Star Review Love this blend!

    I'm a fan of robusta heavy bean blends, and this one is the best! I've been ordering it for over 2 years and no matter what other brands or blends I try, I always come back for Len's Dalat Blend!

    Posted by on Sep 10th 2018

  5. 5 Star Review I love this coffee!

    I'm a freak deep chocolate tones in espresso... and I know that means robusta beans. This blend is my favorite!

    Posted by on Feb 26th 2018

  6. 5 Star Review delicious coffee

    A lovely blend of taste,caffeine boost and smoothness

    Posted by on Dec 25th 2017

  7. 4 Star Review Great coffee.

    I am a huge fan of Vietnam and it's creations. I have drank traditional Vietnamese coffee for many years. When I saw this coffee, I knew it must be good. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and this is a good example why.

    It is a little bit less bold than I like, but the taste is superb. Highly recommend.

    Posted by on Jun 10th 2017

  8. 5 Star Review delicious treat

    we have brewed this every day this week and been loving it

    Posted by on May 20th 2017

  9. 5 Star Review Delicious blend

    My wife and I love this combination

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2017

  10. 5 Star Review My Favorite

    I have been roasting my own coffee beans for about 8 years. I have purchased and roasted beans from virtually every country in the world where beans are grown.
    There are many single origin and blends I like, but this blend has become my all time favorite.
    Everything I read says robusta beans are inferior to arabica. This blend contains both robusta and arabica beans.
    I cannot identify all the tastes people will describe in a coffee. I just know whether I do or do not like the flavor. I just know the flavor of this coffee, especially when combined with other beans, is fantastic.
    Supposedly robusta beans are for people who enjoy a "back palate" taste. I guess that is me.
    Here is how I prepare my coffee. I prefer to use an Aero Press. I combine 15 grams of Dalat Blend with 6 grams of Sumatra. I use 12-13 ounces of water. I also enjoy substituting other beans for the Sumatra...Guatemala works great as well. I roast the Dalat to a lighter roast, between first and second cracks. I let the Sumatra go to the start of second crack. I grind the coffee at a medium grind.
    Great!...and by the way, the robusta beans have a higher caffeine content!

    Posted by on Nov 28th 2016

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